Ultra Cool RVU Undershirt Closeout Sale

News just in from Deb, inventor of the original RVU Undershirt.

At this time, there are no size large nor X-Large left in any color or style.

However, there is still inventory left in the other sizes. Each RVU listing includes the inventory available.

I would like to generate some special sale activity.

Five RVU shirts for $125.00 + FREE SHIPPING. This offer would be available until the selected sizes & styles are gone.

in subject state RVU shirt (or it will go into my spam folder)

Many thanks for your help & continuous support.

Just use the following template information to email Deb (or use this MailTo shortcut link):

ultra-cool-rvu-undershirt-blackTo: [email protected]

Subject: RVU shirt Inquiry


Hi Deb,

I’m emailing you to learn more about your remaining RVU shirts.

I also understand you have a 5 RVU shirts for $125.00, plus FREE SHIPPING offer.

Can you tell me what sizes and collar styles you have remaining?


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