About Tug Samarreta

Tug Samarreta in his favorite undershirt & shorts

The world’s undershirt & underwear expert.

What started out as an exercise in writing down thoughts about undershirts I had purchased, has grown into something wonderful.

My logic was simple, really.

If I was looking for information about undershirts online, so must others. right?

Never in a million years would people actually *read* the crap I was writing.

But the writing began, and the people came.

Some stats to bore you with:

  • 1300+ Articles Written
  • 997 Email Replies per year, on average over 10+ years
  • 38,500+ sites refer to UndershirtGuy.com
  • Cited in the book titled “Business Chemistry: How to Build and Sustain Thriving Businesses in the Chemical Industry”
  • Cited in the book titled “Innovation Heroes: Understanding Customers As A Valuable Innovation Resource”
  • Cooperated with Beiersdorf AG via Hyve to run an online co-creation study that resulted in the launch of Nivea Antiperspirant Invisible for Black & White
  • Worked with nearly every notable underclothing brand on the planet including Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Jockey, Spanx, etc.
  • Helped announce the launch of countless undershirt, underwear, and performance apparel start-up brands
  • Content from my site is included in at least one product patent
  • Film industry costume/wardrobe departments have discovered and sourced undershirts & underwear from my site for major films. In fact, The film Mank (a 2020 Netflix film), sourced 100 vintage shirts here!

I sit before you amazed, honored, and humbled in the amount of trust the world has in seeking my humble advice. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my site!

Tug Samarreta

(email me at: tug [at] undershirtguy {dot} com)

My Specs

For those wondering about my measurements, here they are:

  • height: 5’9″
  • weight: 190 lbs
  • neck: 15″ – 15.25″
  • shoulder to shoulder: 17.5-18″
  • chest: 40″ (circumference)
  • waist:  measures around 37″, but I generally wear 35-36″ waist jeans/pants (confusing, right?)
  • undershirts: size medium
  • underwear: size large or xl
  • shirts/t-shirts:  large (to provide a little room to breathe)