Star Trek Mens Starfleet Long Sleeve Undershirt (Worn by Chris Pine)

star-trek-starfleet-mens-black-long-sleeve-undershirtAh, go ahead and call me a trekkie, but I’ve loved Star Trek since I’ve been a kid. While I’m huge fan of William Shatner, the latest film releases with Chris Pine as Kirk are pretty awesome.

Into the Darkness (2013) releases next Friday, May 17th, and in the spirit of the release, I thought I’d share a Star Trek Undershirt find I came across not too long ago.

The folks over at ANOVOS Productions got the license rights to produce exact replicas of the Star Trek Starfleet Long Sleeve black undershirt worn by Chris Pine. A quick blurb from the company’s website about the undershirt:

Faithful replica of the long-sleeve undershirt worn by James Kirk in the Star Trek™ movies directed by J.J. Abrams. Replicated using patterns from the screen-used costume, this undershirt is made of cotton and polyester tri-blend featuring dyed gray/black/white heathering pattern. Silk-screened black division-less, solid-fill Starfleet delta.

Undershirt Price: $84.95

Available for purchase now, shipping in June.

Product Page:


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Star Trek Undershirt Details

  • Cotton / Polyester Tri-Blend fabric.
  • Black, gray and white heathering color replicated in fabric.

Star Trek Undershirt Features

  • Low sloping yoke line.
  • Silk-screened subtle, solid Starfleet black delta on chest as replicated from screen-used uniform.
  • Adjustable hemline.
  • Adjustable length for long-sleeves.



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