Hi-Tech Cooling Undershirts & Apparel

Trying to stay cool in high-heat situations? This list of eleven hi-tech cooling undershirts might just be what you’re looking for.

Ultra Cool RVU Undershirt Closeout Sale

Deb, the inventor of the original RVU Undershirt, is offering a great deal on some of her remaining RVU Inventory. Five for $125 + Free Shipping!

Near Bullet-Proof Cotton Undershirt Made from Nanotechnology?

For those of us who want a little extra “protection”, or more practically for those in the law enforcement, a relatively new break-through could offer bullet-proof protection in a light weight cotton undershirt application. A group of scientists published a paper in scientific journal Advance Materials where they presented a method to reinforce a standard … Read more

The Original Ultra Cool RVU Under Shirt for Body Armor Found!

Wow, I’ve just tracked down the original Ultra Cool RVU Undershirt! From this bloggers vantage point, I feel like I’ve just hit the jackpot and met a celebrity in the process! Note: Check out CoolShield Kevlar Undershirt – A new & re-imaged version of the RVU. How The Discussion Started The discussion started about 3 years ago … Read more

UA Charged Cotton vs. Nike Dri-Fit Cotton? What’s the Difference?

Here’s a timely question from a reader wondering about how Under Armour Charged Cotton compares to Nike Dri-Fit Cotton: What is the technical difference between UA Charged Cotton and Nike Dri-Fit Cotton? UA is really hyping theirs while Nike has had it for awhile and hasn’t hyped much. Branding Well, first off, let me clarify … Read more

Ask Tug Update: Police Body Armor Undershirts

08/03/2011 – Police Rejoice! The Original Ultra Cool  RVU Under Shirt for Body Armor Found! 04/27/2011 – FROS-T Athletic Cooling Shirts Keep You 10 to 20 Degrees Cooler Back in September 2008, I came across an article written by a police officer who struggled with how Under Armour Compression undershirts performed under his kevlar body … Read more