Affiliate Disclosure

As with many other sites, I sometimes use affiliate links in my articles or pages. An affiliate link is a special link that tells the website you visit that you came from my site.

Sometimes those sites will thank me for sending potential new customers their way by giving me a commission. It’s kinda like advertising, but different.

In simple terms this means that if you click an affiliate link, and if you make a purchase from that site within a certain period of time, I may just earn a little moolah — that’s right — cash, dough, bucks, bread, cheddar, paper, cheese, stash, Benjamins, Benji, loot, smackers, and samoleons.

That extra cash helps me pay for operating this site, plus may give me some extra change to buy something nice for myself — or simply just eat.

I’m very selective about what affiliate brands & sites I work with. They all have reputable products, many of which I’ve tried and personally like.

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