Flint & Tinder Raises $248,616 On KickStarter To Manufacture Made in America Underwear & Undershirts

An inspired Jake Bronstein of Brooklyn, NY set out to raise a mere $30,000 on KickStarter.com so that he could launch his Made in America Underwear brand Flint & Tinder.

A few weeks later, he’s sitting on nearly $250,000 and 5,000 people who’ve signed-up to pre-order his products.

This was how he originally introduced his line to the KickStarter community:

It’s been a wild ride, starting with my noticing that all of the underwear currently on sale at major department stores comes from other countries…and the vast majority is made with poor materials.

Before I knew it – and without much prior-knowledge – I was trying to find a US factory to make the superior product I had in mind. So far, so good.

I’ve got the designs, sourced the fabrics and findings, and found a factory that needs this product as much as I need them… I just need $30,000 to get it going.

Flint & Tinder Line Details

Four styles of underwear

Long Boxer-Briefs, Regular Boxer-Briefs, Brief. He originally was going to offer knit boxers, but I read it’s not easy to get or make the proper knit fabric here in the U.S.

Available in 7 colors and 5 sizes. Made from Supima Cotton and Spandex (95/5)


V-Neck, Crew Neck. White only right now. 100% Supima Cotton.

Double-soft washed (Maybe that’s a fancy way of saying the undershirts are being pre-washed in silicone)

Retail Price

Based on some information in the comments, it’s looking the underwear will retail for around $18 and the undershirts will be priced higher.

If you buy in on the KickStarter project, you can get them for around $13 a piece.

Made in the USA

Of course the main message behind Flint & Tinder is making these high-quality men’s basics right here in the United States, keeping and making new jobs here in America.

Out of 30 different major underwear brands sold at retail, none of them are made in the USA.

There are only a handful of companies currently making “innerwear” here in the U.S., and the ones I know of of the top of my head include:

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