Be A Part Of A Cool Company. FROS-T Cooling Apparel Seeking Investors

Update 1/10/15: Per a note from a visitor, looks like Fros-T is no more.

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FROS-T Cooling Apparel – Wristband

FROS-T Cooling Apparel has been a company and product line I’ve been keeping my eye on since I discovered them last April.

Using a patent pending technology, FROS-T is poised to be the leader in enhanced cooling technology-equipped apparel and accessories.

Their line will not only include cooling shirts, but also cooling towels, wristbands, scarfs, caps, flip flops, and harnesses for your beloved pets.

Products will be available for men, women, and children with a variety of solutions that span special functional needs such as sports, law enforcement, rescue & safety, and military applications as well.

Investment Opportunity

The Company is seeking financing to produce the complete line and is looking for investors. Investment blocks range from $6,250 – $1,250,000.

I had an email exchange with Victor, the company’s Founder and COO, and was surprised to learn that the crowd funding site (the one that just helped underwear startup Flint & Tinder generate nearly $300k in pre-sales) said that FROS-T did not qualify for their site (they are not alone, either).


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Kinda baffling if you ask me.

Leading edge cooling apparel technology vs. premium underwear made in the US? I don’t get it.

If I had a little investment slush-fund, I know I’d be throwing some money at Victor to get in on the action for sure.

Check out the full Company Storyboard (site no longer active – ol) along with details of the features and advantages (site no longer active – ol) of the line.

FROS-T will be starting their first production run in 30-45 days.

Contact Victor directly if interested.

Site no longer active, removed original link –

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  1. I am not able to go to their website. I keep getting an error as to a wrong link. I am interested in purchasing some items.

  2. I would like to purchase three of the shirts for my husband. He is a mailmen in columbia sc and has to do a lot of walking


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