X Shirt Bullet Proof Undershirt

Just came across this pretty cool discovery: The X-Shirt Bullet Proof Undershirt

Amendment II is the first technology company that discovered the breakthrough technology of combining Carbon Nanotubes to aramid fibers—a scientific process that was non-existent until now.

Carbon Nanotubes are tube-shaped material made of carbon. Carbon Nanotubes can be constructed to be hundreds of times stronger than steel but six times lighter.

X Shirt Bullet Proof Undershirt Details

  • Website (link)
  • Price: $99 – $899
  • Colors: Grey, Navy, Black, Red, White
  • Sizes: S – XL
  • Components: Compression base layer shirt with pockets on front and back for ballistic panels
  • Ballistic panels: BlackArmor CNT. NIJ certified – can withstand bullets from common handguns like the 9mm and .357 mag. Removable, can be used in other X Shirts

X Shirt Bullet Proof Undershirt Photos

bullet-proof-x-shirt x-shirt-360-degree-view



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    • heya gaylynn — great to hear from you! you’ll need to visit the company’s website (amendment2). i just wrote an article about their x-shirt bullet proof undershirt (:


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