Would You Wear A Tank Top Under A Muscle Shirt?

Muscle Shirt: Similar to a Crew Neck Undershirt without sleeves.

Today I decided to wear a white fitted pima cotton ribbed tank top underneath my white linen short sleeve shirt. It’s a warm 84 degrees here in LA, so I’m feeling really comfy and cool right now!

Even though I prefer wearing v-neck and crew neck undershirts over tank tops, there are certain days where a tank top  just feels like the right thing to wear – and today is one of those days!

As I was scanning through my inbox trying to determine what I was going to write about today, I came across this email from a tank top fanatic, so I thought I’d share our email exchange with you. It’s kinda fun:

I only wear undershirts that are sleeveless. I always have on an A-shirt as a base undershirt, no matter what I am wearing (dress shirt, polo shirt, or T-shirt). Sometimes I want a crew neck undershirt to show under an open collar (of a dress shirt or polo shirt). In that situation, I put a muscle undershirt on over my A-shirt. This is the perfect combination – the comfort of an A-shirt as a base, the look of a crew neck showing under an open collar, and neither with sleeves. My favorite choices for the above: A-SHIRT (RIBBED) Target Merona or Life (Jockey sold at Wal-Mart) – unfortunately, no longer available MUSCLE SHIRT (ALSO RIBBED) Evolve (2xist sold at Target) or Life (Jockey sold at Wal-Mart) – again, unfortunately, no longer available I wear an A-shirt alone for the gym, beach, and sleeping.  -Mitch


thanks for stopping by my site and sending in your comments/thoughts about a-shirts and muscle tees.

if i read your email correctly, your choice in undershirts are:

Target Merona – still available
Life (Jockey sold at Wal-Mart) – no longer available

Evolve (2xist sold at Target) – still available
Life (Jockey sold at Wal-Mart) – no longer available


The point I was making here was that I wear an A-shirt undershirt and a Muscle undershirt simultaneously.


ok, i see. if your muscle shirt is ribbed too, why wear them simultaneously? aren’t the ribbed muscle shirts as comfortable as a-shirts? if not, do you think the market is missing such a product?


I like the look, line, fit, and feel of an a-shirt – I ALWAYS have on one, and have done so for my whole life.

The muscle shirt over it is for when I want a crewneck collar showing through an open collar shirt. For most of the years, I have only been able to find jersey-knit muscle shirts. Recently I found the rib-knit muscle shirts. However, I still want my a-shirts underneath – even if the muscle shirt happens to be ribbed. Gotta have an a-shirt on.

Mitch clearly loves his tank/a-shirt/wifebeater.  What do you think? Would you/Do you wear a-shirts under muscle shirts?


7 thoughts on “Would You Wear A Tank Top Under A Muscle Shirt?”

  1. Tug,

    I’m one more who always wears an A-shirt everyday as the base.
    Great to hear there are others out there just like me.


  2. Tug,

    It sounds like Mitch loves his A-shirts as much as I do! While I don’t wear muscle shirts, when I do wear a t-shirt I wear an A-shirt underneath. So, I do understand and agree with Mitch and his preference for wearing an A-shirt. Glad to know that someone else appreciates them as much as I do.

    • hey thomas! good to see that mitch has some supporters.

      i guess i’ll have to throw out a little love for wearing a ribbed tank under a t-shirt – cause that’s exactly what i’m wearing today!

      • Response to ‘wearing a ribbed tank-style undershirt (A-shirt) as a base layer’

        Dear tug:
        It’s nice to learn that Mitch, Jose, Thomas, and others also wear a ribbed tank-style undershirt (A-shirt) as a base layer under a (presumably) flat-knit T-shirt, just as I do. It’s good to know that I am not alone in this respect.

        Some time ago, I had sent you a rather lengthy contribution on this very topic. Perhaps you can also give Mitch, Jose, and Thomas a reference to that article, if they have not already seen it. During the past months, I have been too busy for blogging, but now I have a bit more free time to ‘break my silence’.

        I do not recall whether or not I have already ‘published’ the following comments in a previous thread, but I think they might be worth repeating in the present context:
        As a result of examining some of your readers’ comments on tank undershirts and of writing contributions of my own to this site, I have become somewhat sensitized to this topic. Consequently, when searching the Internet for photographs of various kinds, I have begun paying attention to the possible visibility of tank-undershirt outlines under outer shirts, including T-shirts. I have indeed found a few, but the effect is usually very faint, in fact, almost negligible. I highly doubt whether most people would even notice it, let alone be bothered by it. I have also searched my old paper-print archives and scanned a few pictures with this intention.

        I have even found a few pictures of myself in a T-shirt with a slightly visible tank-shirt outline underneath, but the effect is likewise very faint. On the other hand, however, I have the impression that photographic processes tend to mask or hide this tank-neckline effect, perhaps because of the brilliance and brightness, especially with modern electronic media. Therefore, the effect may be somewhat more visible in reality.
        Sincerely, ken

      • heya ken — good to hear back from you!

        i believe you are referring to this article:

        thanks again for that contribution — great stuff there.

        btw, i wore ribbed tank top undershirts as my base layer all through the summer because it was a little warmer than usual. though they don’t provide underarm sweat protection, i just felt a little more comfortable this summer wearing tank tops.

        i’ve since switched back to full undershirts, but my tank tops will definitely still be worn on a regular basis as the weather determines it.

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