Wore my Jockey 3D Physique Crew Neck Undershirt today…

That’s right, I wore the Jockey 3D Physique Crew Neck T-Shirt all day today. I also wore it as a base layer yesterday while out on a motorcycle ride with Mrs. Tug.

Here are some initial thoughts:

  1. Fabric content: Body – 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex. Mesh – 91% Nylon, 9% Spandex.
  2. Measurements (size large): Width (19″), Length (29″), Collar to End of Arm Length (16″)
  3. Feel: Thin, super lightweight, cool to wear. Material is slightly on the thin and transparent side.
  4. Collar: Nice high, close-fitting collar.
  5. Overall Length: Good, longer length. Similar to other slightly longer undershirts
  6. Body Fit: Good, but slightly loose. Since this fabric has a considerable amount of stretch, I could easily wear the Medium
  7. Sleeve length: Comes about 2″ above where my arm bends. About 1.5″ longer than Jockey’s Echelon Crew T-shirt in the same size and over a couple inches longer than many of my other undershirts. Personally, I normally like my short sleeves on the shorter side, but even though they are a little longer, the sleeves of this t-shirt did not peak out of my casual button up Alfani short sleeve shirt I wore over it.
  8. Mesh fabric used on shoulder and in the underarm area provide additional “breathability” characteristics, but for guys who sweat a little more than the average joe, I think the combination of the thin fabric and the mesh might let a little too much sweat through. Since I don’t have that particular issue, I can’t really speak to how the shirt would perform under that condition.
  9. Overall look of the undershirt is very nice. Although it might look a bit on the sporty side when worn alone and could easily be used as a base layer when working out, when I put on my Alfani button up shirt, it looked like any other white high collared undershirt.
  10. Because I’m about average weight with normal/average love handles, I felt that the undershirt semi-complimented my physique. However, if you’re a guy who is a little on the overweight side, I think because the t-shirt is so thin and form fitting, it would highlight/bring to focus some of the areas of your body that you’re not as happy with and may possibly make you feel a little self-conscious. Sometimes thicker, different texture fabrics, or looser fitting undershirts do a good job of hiding our flaws in addition to protecting our outerwear.

Full review to come in the following weeks.


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1 thought on “Wore my Jockey 3D Physique Crew Neck Undershirt today…”

  1. I think this shirt would be great if it just had much shorter sleeves. I have been looking for a very tight fitting undershirt that has very short sleeves, and long enough to tuck. I am about 6’2″ and a large is almost too short some times, especially after a few washings. If I go with a large tall, the sleeves get too long. I wear some polos that have fairly short sleeves, almost only covering the top 3rd of my upper arm. On some undershirts a medium fit is perfect except for the length.

    If you know of any shirt that you think I would like let me know.

    Got to your site from the Uncrate.com Answers section. You answered my undershirt question.


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