Winter Undershirts

In certain parts of the country, it’s starting to get chilly and folks are looking for ways to stay warm.

One way of course, is to layer up and focus on finding base-layer undershirts that are insulating rather than cooling.

Here’s a question from a long-time reader wondering if I could recommend any good winter undershirts.

Hey Tug, Chris here.

It will start getting colder before long and will definitely be time to start dressing somewhat different than we have been for sure.

Probably will include some base layers at times or those longer thigh length underwear with some over the calf socks, which I wear anyway due to circulation problems I have.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Also definitely going to be breaking out the various shades of wool flannel trousers with camel hair sport coats and the like for sure.

Just to let you know, I have been wearing the daylights out of the Kirkland undershirts and just now they are showing some wear, like small pinholes right at the center of the back side of the collar area.

I can not complain though as for the price, they have done their job for sure. I have an extra package of four that have not been opened yet, but will not be long before I will.

Will be wearing them this winter under most of my shirts for sure as they have passed their test with me this summer with flying colors.

Was wondering if you wear an upper base layer under dress shirts in the winter, and what color?

Be glad to hear from you as I have not talked with you in a while, but I know we both been busy, but that is ok.

Thanks, Chris

Winter Undershirts

Heya Chris,

Good to hear from you buddy and thanks for checking back in!

Appreciate the update on the Cosstco Pima Undershirts — good to hear you’ve been getting good use of them (:

My winters here are pretty mild, so I don’t have to layer up too much more — if anything I wear fewer tank top undershirts (which I wear more in the summer) and replace them with v-neck undershirts in the winter.

If you’re looking for undershirts to keep you warmer in the winter months, I’m inclined to make these recommendations:

Uniqlo Heattech

Made from acrylic and specifically designed for warmth (like a wool alternative)

More info: Uniqlo Heattech Review

Wool Undershirts

Kinda a no brainer, but these guys are usually pretty expensive. the most popular is merino wool undershirts, but there are others.

More info: Search for Wool Undershirts on

Silk Undershirts

Perform pretty well in the winter, but not nearly as available as other types of undershirt.

More info: Silk Undershirts

Silk-like Undershirts

The closest silk-like material is MicroModal, so if you can find an undershirt blended with MicroModal and something else, and not too thin, it’ll be pretty insulating and will keep you toasty

Here’s a good article about cold-weather undershirts that you might want to take a look at:

What Else?

Everything else good with you?? Anything new I should take a look at?

Look forward to hearing back from you!

Wool Undershirts

Hey Tug,

I am fixing to test one out this fall made by a company overseas I think, and I will give you the brand, company and info on the performance of this shirt.

I think it is called a thermowave, and is off white in color and is a short sleeve v neck, but runs at a price of 39.00 for one. [Made from 100% Merino Wool]

Thermowave Undershirt - 96% Merino Wool / 4% Lycra
Thermowave Undershirt – 96% Merino Wool / 4% Lycra

If it does what it is supposed to do, it might be worth it as use under long sleeve shirts and dress shirts because your core chest area would be I think the main part to keep at a decent temperature as my forearms do not really get cold unless just openly exposed.

Do You Have A Favorite Winter Undershirt?

If so, tell us about it in the comments section below

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How to wear undershirts

2 thoughts on “Winter Undershirts”

  1. Hi Tug,

    First time posting! For winter I usually slip on my Saks 5th Avenue tshirts, as they have a thicker body and the length goes past the hip. I have about 6 of them which I’ve been using for years, and the collars are so durable that it seems they came right out of the package. The prices on the shirts are reasonable for the quality you get. I wouldn’t recommend any other clothing from their store as its too costly on my part, but I can vouch for the undershirts.

    Another shirt I suggest is the Calvin Klein Modal Shirt. The modal material is very insulating, stretchy, and comfortable to wear. It also has a long length past the hips. Washing them is a bit tricky – hand wash with cold water. But I’ve thrown mine in the washer and hung to dry. Pricing was half price through eBay, avoid paying full retail at Macy’s or similar store. I love these and wish I had more.

    I was in the Uniqlo store a few days ago and didn’t see the Heattech shirt, but I’ll keep an eye out for them. Thanks for the suggestion, hope everyone stays warm!

    • heya jorge, good to hear from you buddy and thanks for stopping by and posting your winter undershirt recommendations!

      yeah i have an early generation ck micromodal undershirt (micromodal/spandex) and agree that it does perform pretty well in the winter months. in fact, that’s probably one of the first brands to make a higher-end undershirt out of modal/micromodal.

      not a normal shopper at saks, but i’ll try to make a point of going sometime so i can take a look at their undershirt collection. thanks for the deets on that undershirt.

      yeah, definitely check out uniqlo heattech. i’ve got one and tbh, it does it’s job so well, i kinda get too warm in it. of course, i live in a much warmer climate, so it doesn’t get too cold here in the winter months. hell, i’m wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt right now (:

      thanks again buddy! keep the suggestions coming.


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