Wifebeater or Muscle Shirt? Power Port Inserted In Upper Chest

I’ve actually received several emails similar to this recently, where readers are in search of undershirts that work in conjunction with certain medial devices.

My husband has a power port inserted in his upper chest to be used for blood draws, chemo, scans w/contrast etc.

What kind of shirt can I get that the neckline will go lower enough to expose the port when he goes in for treatment?

– Jeanne

From top to bottom: jT from Collected Threads, Nu-V Undershirt, Ribbed Tank Top

Wifebeater or Muscle Shirt?

heya jeanne,

thanks for stopping by my site and sending in your question!


Rules to wearing undershirts

if you’re looking for a lower neckline, i don’t think that muscle shirts would be a good option.

i think you’ll be better off with one of the following:

  1. wifebeater / tank top / a-shirt – these types of inner-shirts offer a “u” shaped collar and generally they have pretty big armholes. this would provide the possibility of access through the neck or armhole opening.
  2. scoop neck undershirt – these undershirts have a bigger neck opening, many cases bigger than a tank top, but designed with sleeves for underarm protection like traditional undershirts.
  3. nu-v low cut undershirt – a newer undershirt with a deeper, narrower “u” collar line. kinda a deep v-neck/tank top hybrid type of collar line

hope the information above helps! let me know what you decide to get for your husband and how it works out for him.


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