#1 Reason Why Your Undershirt & Underwear Should NOT Match

Is it really important to have a matching undershirt & underwear set?

Hi Tug,

My question is should underpants and the undershirt be the same color when worn together example white undershirt and white briefs or does it matter at all.

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Matching Underwear & Undershirts

heya jb,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

well my good friend, whether or not your underwear should match your undershirt, or vise versa, is mostly a personal choice.

there isn’t a hard-fast rule.

if you think about it, darker colored underwear is quickly replacing white underwear as the underwear color of choice.

undershirt colors are fairly standard at white, grey, tone, & black.

so, you may want to wear blue boxer briefs, but you won’t easily find a blue undershirt out there.

so even if you wanted to match, it wouldn’t be all that easy.

the #1 reason why your undershirt & underwear don’t really have to match, or rather, you shouldn’t go out of your way to match them, is that you should choose your undershirt color based on the color of shirt you are wearing.

choose your undershirt color based on the color of shirt you are wearing
tug’s recommendation

in fact, my daily underwear choice is primarily based on what is (1) most comfortable and then (2) clean, in that order.

i never really consider underwear color, or how they may match anything that i’m wearing mainly because no one is ever going to see them, other than my wife.

Matching undershirt & underwear. Credit: AsiaSkin, Model: AS-s022

i know there are brands that offer matching sets of underwear and socks, or underwear and undershirts.

the question i always ask myself when i see those, is simply what’s the point?

i mean, from a pure marketing point of view, the matching item sets look like it could be an interesting idea.

but i can’t see how i’d feel any better or more stylish wearing matching items, than i would wearing non-matching items.

as for undershirt color rules:

  1. white undershirts are universally acceptable to wear under nearly any color shirt, but there are some best practices for other color undershirts
  2. grey or tone-colored undershirts are great to wear under lighter colored dress shirts, as they don’t show through as much
  3. grey undershirts can be worn under grey or darker colored shirts, allowing them to either match or provide a close contrast to your outer shirt
  4. black undershirts are perfect to wear under black shirts, or other dark shirt colors such as navy blue
  5. if you’re not sure what color undershirt to wear, white is always a safe bet. keeping it hidden from view is most always a good practice, with some exceptions.

if you’re looking for a complete guide to buying & wearing undershirts, you can request one here (link) that was created in collaboration with one of undershirtguy.com’s main sponsors.

good luck buddy!!


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3 thoughts on “#1 Reason Why Your Undershirt & Underwear Should NOT Match”

  1. I find that a match between colors in Underwear, Undershirts and Socks are Truly Sexy for Men and Woman! Mixing these seem odd, but when i see a woman Neat and organized with beautiful Matching Undies, Its exciting and alive, instead of drab and plain. Please let me know where i can find Men Matching Sets

    • i don’t know off hand where you can get matching undershirts, underwear, and socks from one company. but, it doesn’t seem that it would be too hard to find similarly colored items from different brands.

      personally i’d prefer getting a great undershirt or underwear than to try and find those that specifically match.


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