White V-Neck T-Shirts With Pockets?

Looking for some plain white v-neck pocketed t-shirts? Here are some ideas (:

Hi Tug,

Looking for some no-frills, white v-neck t’s, but … I want them with pockets.

I’m sure I’ve seen these somewhere, but I can’t seem to find any now when searching.


White V-Neck T-Shirts with Pockets

heya russell,

good to hear from you buddy!

off the top of my head, for starters i’d say checkout:
1. american apparel
2. 20jeans – (update: brand no longer available — they migrated up to dstldjeans.com and are no longer selling $25 denim jeans, or t-shirts)
3. everlane
4. asos.com

let me know if you find something you really like from one of the above companies. ok?

Really, None of those brands are offering a White V-Neck T-Shirt with Pockets?

This is pretty crazy, because I’m almost certain I saw v-neck pocketed t-shirts at least at two of the above companies, but in looking at them now, no one has them.

Out of the places above, only Asos had a pocketed V-neck t-shirt from G-Star, but it’s not completely plain and it costs a whopping $58+!

Here are a few other options:

  1. Paper Denim & Cloth (via BlueFly.com) – White Pocket V-Neck T-shirt (Clearance). Price: $20
  2. Todd Synder – White Pocket V-Neck T-shirt. Price: $95 (What? Does a pocket cost that much to add?)
  3. Comin Correct‘ V-Neck Pocket T-Shirt – Available on Nordstrom.com. Pima Cotton. Price: $44 (Huh?)
  4. Alfani RED T-Shirt. Has a white v-neck t-shirt with a pocket, but it has a little grey in it. Price: $24.50

White V-Neck T-Shirts with Pockets

7 For All ManKind
7 For All ManKind
Pocket Paper Denim & Cloth
Pocket Paper Denim & Cloth

Do YOU Know of any White V-Neck T-Shirts with Pockets?

If you do, PLEASE let us know about them in the comments section below.


Got this info from my friends over at Staples Promotional Products:

Good morning Tug,

How about Duluth Trading for a pocketed V-neck?


Duluth Trading always has an interesting collection of products.

Sears has a Henley with a Y-neck and left chest pocket.

A company called KingSize has pocketed V-necks starting at XL. And, if they want to go high end there is a Todd Snyder shirt for $115 or a Neil Barrett for $190.

I don’t believe I’ve ever written copy for a pocketed t-shirt that wasn’t a crewneck, with the exception of the newer hoodie t-shirts with pouch pockets. One of our suppliers offers the Alternative 19 Seventies, a burnout T-shirt with V-neck and left chest pocket – I just haven’t written anything about it yet.

That’s what I’ve got for you.

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