White Tank Top Under A Plain White T-Shirt. A Distinguished Look

There has been a healthy amount of debate here about the value and place white tank tops have in our undershirt wardrobe.

Some think tank tops lack function. Others consider them, for lack of a better word, ghetto.  

The rest swear by them. No matter what your personal position, tank tops seem to be nearly universal in appeal.

Personally speaking, after a full summer-time of wearing various tank tops in a large variety of situations, I definitely have found a new appreciation for the value they offer in our undershirt arsenal.

Wearing A White Tank top Under A Plain White Tee

I came across this Grant Harris Interview below where Distinguished Urban Society’s co-founder Daniel Kwakyeh was looking extremely “smart” wearing a white tank top under his plain white tee shirt.

Figured it would be a good idea to share it here. 

The Distinguished Urban Society Interview-Grant Harris from The Distinguished Urban Society on Vimeo.

I’ve sent an email to Daniel though Grant to see if we can find out what his current tank top and plain white t-shirt of choice is.

Hopefully I’ll hear back from Daniel soon.


Heard back from Daniel. In the above video, Daniel is sporting a white ribbed tank top from Fruit of the Loom under a plain white tee from Banana Republic.

Screen Captures from the Video

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