Where Can I Find Puritan Brand Athletic Shirts (Tank Tops)?

Are you scouring the internet looking for information on where to buy Puritan undershirts or tanks tops? This reader was:

Puritan brand tank tops are no longer available, discontinued by Walmart

Hello, I am interested in buying my husband some ‘‘PURITAN ATHLETIC SHIRTS”. I am truly having a difficult time finding the shirts.

My husband, likes the shirts with a polyester blend.

Can you help me?

Research and Response

Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by and sending in your question.

The Puritan brand has a bit of history, however, in most recent years Puritan was a Walmart house brand of men’s basic clothing, which included undergarments like undershirts and athletic shirts (a-shirts, tank tops). that’s where you likely got your husband those ribbed tank tops.

In late 2010 Walmart phased out the Puritan brand of clothing completely and replaced it with Faded Glory brand underwear and socks, and George brand clothing.

So, I’m sorry to say that you won’t find any new Puritan-brand tank tops for your husband at Walmart, but you might find them on sites like eBay. You may want to consider buying some Faded Glory brand a-shirts instead, although I couldn’t tell you how they compare to the Puritan.

As for your question about those with a polyester blend, the only ribbed tanks that I’ve seen with a polyester blend are those that have a heathered color, like heather grey.

I will also forward this email exchange to some of my tank top experts to see what they have to say and if they have any other suggestions.

Hope the above information helps. If I find out more information, I will email you back!

Help from Tug’s Extended Undershirt Adviser’s Network

From “C” in Cali:

I’m not a big WalMart shopper, but on my last visit for cleaning supplies, I noticed, as you said, that the Puritan brand had been discontinued in favor of the faded glory house brand. Why anyone would brand something “faded” eludes me. The Puritan a-shirts were a good value.

Your reader may want to look at Sears. They are one of the few places I know that sells Dockers undershirts. Those undershirts are advertised as “cotton blend,” so there may be some polyester hiding in there somewhere.

Another possibility I haven’t confirmed is J.C. Penney where they stock the BVD brand, though those may be all cotton. Champion may have something too. I bet a trip to Bob’s or an equivalent athletic goods store would turn something up.

From Thomas C:

It is great to hear from you! I did try the Puritan brand once and did not have a good experience, so my perspective is rather biased.

While I wear 100% cotton athletic undershirts, I have tried the RibbedTee tank tops that are a cotton/micro modal blend. This is probably the most comfortable, luxurious fabric that I have worn in an undershirt. The cost might be prohibitive compared to the Puritan brand, but the feel is fantastic! It is certainly one that Annette’s husband should give a try.

Final Clarification

This reader and I had a couple more email exchanges where she did clarify that the a-shirts (tank tops) that her husband had were made from smooth material, not ribbed (like pictured above).

Even so, the Puritan brand is no more, so hopefully this reader will find some new tank tops for her husband from the suggestions above!

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  1. I had the most comfortable pair of lightweight sweatpants, two of them, now both worn through (after decades). Puritan, of course, and there’s nothing else out there like them. Bummer!


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