Where To Buy Colored Undershirts

Looking for colored undershirts, in colors other than white, grey, & black?

Hello Tug,

First, let me say that your site rocks! Thank you for all you do for the men’s style and comfort community!!

I was wondering if you know where I can buy colored undershirts?

I’m having the darnedest time finding undershirts in a variety of colors (aside from Navy, Black, and Grey) which can match the logos on shirts, shoe laces, or any other color in a shirt or sweater!

I find this subtle act of coordination has a big impact and people take notice.


Rules to wearing undershirts

I’ve been buying tees up to this point, but, finding tee shirts with the appropriate collar radius (i.e., not too wide) is becoming increasingly difficult.

Any ideas?



Colored Undershirts

Heya Alan,

Good to hear from you buddy!

To find a broader assortment of colors, you need to start looking at t-shirts, instead of undershirts. Some t-shirts are designed lightweight enough so that you can wear them as undershirts too.

Next Level Apparel Colored T-Shirts

Any brand making undershirts, not intended to be wore as a tee, will normally limit their color selection to white, grey, tan/beige, black, and rarely navy.

As for colored tees, you can definitely get them at Uniqlo, Los Angeles Apparel, Asos.com, and Next Level Apparel (on amazon).

In addition, here is an article that has a list of v-neck t-shirts under $40, which should provide for a good research list (:

hope the information helps buddy!


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