What White T-Shirt Was Ryan Gosling Wearing in Only God Forgives?

Reader wondering what wide-neck white t-shirt Ryan Gosling was wearing in his film Only God Forgives:

Hey Tug,

Big fan of your website.

I was wondering if you could shed any light on the scoop neck t-shirt worn by Ryan Gosling in the upcoming ‘Only God Forgives’?

I’ve seen similar styles at Zara, Asos and Acne, but nothing exactly right.

It appears to be a low profile scoop neck with rolled sleeves (not sure if modified or factory) and a shoulder seam that hangs off the shoulder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work and thanks for your time!


Ryan Gosling White T Shirt: Only God Forgives Close Up
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Ryan Gosling White T Shirt: Only God Forgives
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Wide-Neck White T-Shirts

heya jonny,

thanks for being a fan of the website! crazy topic huh??

in truth, i’ve seen a bunch of stars wearing similar types of those white t-shirts.

one that i see more often is adam levine, who wears something similar.

of the scoop neck undershirts i know about, i think they are all too deep to be that particular white t-shirt that ryan is wearing.

personally, i’d refer to that type of neck line as being “open neck” or “wide neck”.

i know american apparel has stuff like that, as does hugo boss, but i don’t think that’s what ryan is wearing.

it’s kinda also like the nudie wide neck t-shirt, although that one has a wider collar trim. also looks like this continental mens bamboo wide neck t-shirt too.

here are some others:

the white briefs – ‘tree’ t-shirt
asos scoop neck t-shirt

though, i really don’t think any of the above t-shirts are the one that ryan gosling wore in only god forgives.

the movie was shot in thailand, hence it’s hard to say whether or not his t-shirt came from over there, or if it was something that was brought over from their u.s. based crew.

i’m certainly going to do a little poking around and see if i can find out the answer.

no guarantees of course, but if i can find out, i’ll let you know.

UPDATE: Could it be this Scoop Neck T-Shirt? 

ASOS T-Shirt With Bound Scoop Neck And Roll Sleeve


UPDATE #2: Could it be a Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1930s Bay Meadows Tee?

This just in from Jonny, the original reader who wrote in with the question.

Here’s another possible contender:

Levi’s Vintage: 1930s Bay Meadows Tee

It’s from Levi’s Vintage Clothing. A company which Gosling seems to be a fan of.

This is a strong possibility, as the timeline would make sense from when he was wearing other shirts from the company.

So, what are your thoughts?


Update #3: Jonny Bought the Levis Vintage 1930s Bay Meadows Tee


Just an update, I got the LVC t shirt. I’ve included a photo.

Not yet sure if it’s the correct one, but I have a feeling that it is.

Still, it’s one of the best t shirts I’ve ever owned.

I got it on sale at unionmadegoods.com.

Although you can’t really see them, the jeans in the photo are actually the correct ones from the movie – Altamont Wilshire in Stone Wash. :)


Photo of white t-shirt

Do You Know What T-Shirt Ryan is Wearing?

If so, email me or tell me about it in the comments section below.

26 thoughts on “What White T-Shirt Was Ryan Gosling Wearing in Only God Forgives?”

  1. To me it looks like The White Briefs Oak Round Neck Tee with the sleeves rolled up. Its hard to tell though since all of their models are skinny twigs

    • heya nick — yeah, the round neck tee from the white briefs does look similar, though the neck opening on that one is much wider than the one ryan gosling was wearing.

      suffice it to say, almost any scoop or round neck t-shirt could look similar to the one pictured in the above article.

  2. The tee I found the most similar to Gosling’s tee is from Zara’s essentials. It is the deluxe cotton plain shirt which comes in both white and black. I believe his character, Julian wears both colors. The back of the the tag though isn’t rectangular, it is a round imprint of the tag. It is hard to explain. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the one he is wearing but it seems like a healthy alternative if you don’t want to pay for the Alternative Apparel price.


    Where can I get his gray jeans he is wearing in the film?

  3. Hello all, just came across this great forum. Not sure if this helps but maybe, just maybe you guys are making this seem a lot more complicated than it really is. Someone said he was wearing Levis around the time of the movie. Who knows. I can’t put a time frame on pics but here is something I did find. Take a look at this shirt.


    And now another Ryan pic (attention to shirt underneath cardigan)


    • Those are both Levi’s 1930’s Vintage Bay Meadows T-shirts, so it’s not too far-fetched to assume the original poster here was right about the white one being too.

      • As I have already stated two years ago:

        “It is NOT the LVC Bay Meadows shirt. Because the LVC one has a seam on the shoulders. the one from the movies not.”

  4. Hey guys! Sorry I’m so late to this but I’m about 95% sure of which T shirt this is.

    There is a scene in the movie where you can see the tag on the back on the shirt is a white rectangle with some writing on this. This is why I don’t think it’s the LVC Bay Meadows tee, be cause the tag looks different.

    I figured it was American Apparel, but I realized Gosling ACTUALLY wears a ton of stuff from Alternative Apparel.

    Realizing this, I figured out that the tee is probably Alternative Apparel’s Heritage T-Shirt. The Neckline is very low and its obvious Gosling cut the sleeves and neckline, making the Tee into a scoop.

    • hey jay — thanks for sharing your thoughts about what t-shirt gosling was wearing in this movie.

      this would not be the craziest theory i’ve ever heard — the wardrobe department in movies can pretty much do magic with clothing. so they may have taken those heritage shirts from alternative and cut them up to get the look they were looking for.

    • uh, i don’t think so stephen — i googled that product, looked at the images and the scoop neck and sleeves don’t look quite like the shirt from the movie.

      also, i couldn’t find that product on the brand’s website, just on other sites. that might indicate the brand is not making it any longer.

      regardless, it’s not the same shirt based on the photos i saw.

      here’s the photo:
      home alone t-shirt from scotch and soda

      • Hey homeboy is actually right. Scotch and soda took out 2 scoop tees. I have the one Ryan is wearing. They don’t make that one in particular anymore

  5. here’s what you do. I’ve done it for years. Buy an Alfani t-shirt 3 pack. Or your favorite tee. uniqlo works well. Cut the sleeves ends before the seam. Leave a little room. It rolls naturally in the dryer. Then cut the collar off, the rib, before the main seam. This time close.

    • great recommendation fashionmc! making you’re very own scoop neck t-shirt with sleeves that roll up a bit.

      a little effort and wear to get them just right, but it would probably be fun to create the tee (:

      thanks again for stopping by and posting your suggestion.

    • heya mat — you know, that’s a really good observation. you’re absolutely right too. thanks for mentioning it!

      the shirt that ryan is wearing doesn’t seem to have any shoulder or side seams — which is pretty unusual for cotton t-shirt. at least i’ve never seen something like that before (a t-shirt with no shoulder seams and side seams)

      well, at least the levi’s and other wide-neck t-shirts listed here resemble what ryan wore. maybe one day we’ll find out the real answer.

    • dunno really — i haven’t seen the movie, so i don’t know what shirt you’re referring to.

      also, i mainly focus on trying to find out about undershirts or white t-shirts. there’s just not enough time in the day to try and find out about the other wardrobe items (:

  6. I think Jonny is correct since the Unionmade website states it has a “ribbed collar” and if you look closely at the photos of Ryan, you can see that the collar is in fact ribbed. Great find.

    Also, is the colour “milk white”?

    • heya sam! yes, the color is milk. also, on the levi’s vintage shirt, the collar isn’t technically “ribbed”. the collar is made from the body fabric. actually, the collar is simply made with a fold and hem at the collar line, and is not a separate piece of fabric.

      i’d have to take a closer look at the one ryan is wearing, but i can say definitively that the levi’s vintage bay meadows tee has a fold-over collar trim.

  7. I took a regular crew neck t-shirt and cut off the collar and a part of the sleeves with a pair of scissors. It looks pretty similar. The edges roll up just like the ones he’s wearing. I only messed up the sleeves so I’ll probably try again some time.


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