What Were JCPenney Undershirts Called Before Stafford?

Question from a reader and for those curious about what the name of the JCPenney house-brand of undershirts was before they were called Stafford.

Note: Stafford is a JCPenney house brand, so Stafford undershirts can only be purchased at or from JCPenney. There is one exception of course; if someone is reselling some on eBay or Amazon.

They were called…

Towncraft Undershirts

I’m not exactly sure why JCP transitioned from Towncraft to Stafford, but I can tell you that the Stafford Undershirts of today are not the same as the Towncraft Undershirts of yesterday.

While the fabric blends might be similar, the execution of the undershirts are vastly different.

The biggest difference is in fabric weight and weave, though I’m certain the company is sourcing yarn from different suppliers too. So, that means the yarn and yarn weights could be different too.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Most of the Towncraft Undershirts I’ve come across over the years were lighter weight and looser knit.

Most of the Stafford Undershirts I’ve come across recently are heavier weight and tighter knit.

Are The Vintage Towncraft Undershirts Still Available?

Simply put, no they are not. Though from time to time you might run across some on eBay.

Are There Undershirts That Are Similar to the Vintage Towncraft Undershirts?

Yes. My Quest for Towncraft Undershirts from a few years ago uncovered the following brands who are making something similar:

Have you found any other undershirts like Towncraft?

If so, tell me about it in the comments section below.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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