What Type of Undershirt Should You Wear With A V-Neck Scrub Top? (Video)

Here’s a fun style-related undershirt question from a reader who is in the Nursing field:

Hi Tug,

I really like your website and appreciate your work.

I am in Nursing school and was wondering what style/color undershirt would go best with white ‘v’ neck scrub top.

Appreciate your response.

My Response

When wearing an undershirt under a v-neck scrub top, it’s best to wear either a high v-neck undershirt, or as pictured here above, a crew neck undershirt with a larger opening.

hey sam,


Rules to wearing undershirts

thanks for stopping by the site and sending in your question!

to be totally honest, i’m not the best person to ask about style.

i do ok, but i’m not the best on matching complementary colors.

since you asked, i’m inclined to suggest that you find a high v-neck undershirt/t-shirt in a color that would complement the color of your scrub bottoms.

if your entire scrub outfit is white, then i think you could be safe in almost any color undershirt but considering you’re in the medical field, you could opt for a mellow/soft color as it would likely be more soothing to look at then something bright and off-putting.

i like the high v-neck over crew neck because i feel the v-neck shape of the undershirt will complement the v-neck shape of the white scrub top, while at the same time, offering a good amount of coverage.

i don’t think it would be a good look running around showing off your chest.

a “high v-neck” undershirt or t-shirt is one where the front drop measurement (“h” in attached image) is between 3″ – 5″.

i’m also going to forward this question to my style expert guy, get his opinion, and find out if his recommendation would be different than mine.

I have a couple of go-to guys when it comes to getting style advice because I highly value their opinion.

I forwarded this reader question over to Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style and he was kind enough to provide his response in this Matching An Undershirt With Scrubs Video!!

Two final thoughts

In considering Antonio’s suggestion about wearing a crew neck undershirt to hide chest hair, I can definitely see how that could be a good option.

But, I’d like to add that I think it should be a crew neck WITHOUT a high tight collar.

Meaning, it should be a crew neck that has a slightly larger opening that doesn’t ride high around the wearer’s neck.

While I’m not sure how deep the v-neck is on the Body In Comfort undershirt, it might be worth looking at as well, because it’s an undershirt specifically designed to be worn by the medical community.


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3 thoughts on “What Type of Undershirt Should You Wear With A V-Neck Scrub Top? (Video)”

  1. i just learned of a new product called underscrubs, a technical line of undershirts that are lightweight, anti-odor, moisture wicking, quick dry. the fabric is proven to reduce MRSA bacteria by 95% within 10 minutes of contact.

    the line includes short and long sleeve undershirts for men and women.

    i’ll be writing a post about it soon.

  2. I have been a Registered Nurse for 10 years and I have to say that Antonio is right, the first concern is the PATIENT and THEIR comfort. Crew neck or V-neck doesn’t matter; although I would opt for a high V-neck. If your scrubs are white, wear a white T…and boxers or midway (longer inseam) boxer briefs as well (think of enlisted sailors and their white Cracker Jacks and you’ll know what I mean).

    While we’re on the subject, when you are allowed to wear colored scrubs, please keep it simple. Stick with matching pants, tops, jackets and over-the-calf socks; this is a UNIFORM after-all. Maybe get a few statement pieces, like a Looney Tunes theme scrub cap or stethoscope cover.

    Good luck!


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