Wearing V-Neck Undershirts Under T-Shirts

Reader curious as to whether or not a v-neck undershirt would be more suitable to wear under a t-shirt in place of a crew neck undershirt.

Hey Tug,

I have a question about undershirts.

First thing, I wear crew neck undershirts under everything, a t-shirt, button down, polo, hoodies worn w/a t-shirt and an undershirt under that.

I don’t like wearing nothing under any one my shirts, even under my t-shirts and under the t-shirt I wear under my hoodies.

They are visible, but are crisp and go along the collar/neck of the shirt.

I’m fine with the undershirts showing when wearing a button down or polo, but feel weird with it showing when wearing t-shirts.

My question is, if I wear v neck, will they be visible with the t-shirts and other types of shirts I wear?

Wearing V-Neck Undershirts Under Crew T-Shirts

heya mike,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

there isn’t a direct yes or no answer to your question of whether or not a v-neck undershirt will show under a t-shirt, because the answer is that it depends.

depends on what?

well, it depends on your t-shirt’s collar design & color, and your undershirt’s collar design.

if your tee has a somewhat open collar line, or a larger neck opening, if your undershirt (crew or v-neck) has a smaller neck opening, your undershirt collar line will likely be visible on the sides.

so just wearing a v-neck undershirt won’t unequivocally solve your problem.

if you want to ensure that no undershirt is showing under your t-shirt, then you have to find an undershirt with a collar line that will under-lap the collar line of your t-shirt.

the challenge is that’s it’s not very easy to find find an undershirt with an open collar line, and even more difficult finding a crew neck collar undershirt with an open collar design.

A scene from Adam-12. Photo Credit: Lincoln X-ray blog (link).

what makes matters a bit more complicated, is that if you wear a v-neck undershirt, there is a possibility that the “v” shape of the undershirt will be visible (the outline) under your t-shirt.

this is especially true if your crew neck t-shirt is somewhat see-through. for example, if you’re wearing a white t-shirt, you may see the “v” shape of the collar through your white crew neck t-shirt.

i’d say your best bet, to avoid all the above challenges, is to:

  1. test some v-neck undershirts that have a wider side-to-side opening. a lot of the micromodal and tencel blend v-neck undershirts have wider neck openings, or at least open up from side-to-side because they stretch quite a bit
  2. try an open collar undershirt like the ones from Collected Threads — though they may be a little to deep
  3. try a lightweight crew neck t-shirt (as an undershirt) that has a more open collar line. companies like urban outfitters, asos, and others in the same category have a great selection of these types of undershirt
  4. if you don’t need underarm sweat protection, try wearing a tank top under a t-shirt. i see this a lot. can’t say if this is a good luck or not, but it is one that i see pretty regularly.
  5. Brave Soul Mens Stylish V Neck T-Shirt With Mock Under Top
    Brave Soul Mens Stylish V Neck T-Shirt With Mock Under Top

    there are some “looks” where small parts of an undershirt show, but they appear to be more of a layered look like the photo here to the right. the undershirt isn’t real, it’s a mock undershirt, but it gives you the basic layering idea.

here’s an article from a while back that also addresses the topic of wearing an undershirt under a t-shirt, so check that out too.

hope the info above helps! keep me posted and let me know what you wind up doing or trying (:

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