Wear Kevlar? Stay Dry Underneath With Maxx-Dri Vest

If you’re a police officer or in the military, you’ve probably struggled with trying to find a base layer undershirt that will perform well under your kevlar vest.

In fact, over the years, I’ve written several articles about police undershirts and what are the best undershirts to wear under kevlar.

The main challenge with wearing kevlar directly on top of an undershirt is that there is no airflow between the undershirt and the vest.

So, when it’s hot out, the undershirt will inevitably get soaked from sweat, and then can’t dry out because of the lack of ventilation.

This problem had been addressed a long while back by Debbie Gioello’s Ultra Cool RVU Undershirt.

Essentially this was a base layer moisture wicking mesh undershirt, affixed with vertical fiber-filled raised tubes. The kevlar vest would sit on the top side of the tubes, thus creating vertical air pockets between the body and the vest.


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Every police officer I know who wore this, pretty much loved it. Although no longer being produced, some remaining RVU inventory is still being sold on eBay.

While not an undershirt, the Maxx-Dri Ultra Comfort Vest (UCV), invented by Officer Suresh Madhavan, is looking to address the problem in a similar fashion to the RVU.

When worn on top of a base layer undershirt, Maxx-Dri UCV’s cellular mesh construction provides a raised surface for the Kevlar vest to lay on, leaving hundreds of little air chambers between the body and the underside of the vest.

The chambers allow airflow, and thus the wearer of the UCV is expected to stay drier and more comfortable.

The UCV is also said to help distribute the weight of the Kevlar vest, making it feel up to 50% lighter.

Maxx-Dri Ultra Comfort Vest (UCV) Details

Maxx-Dri UCV Photos

maxx-dri-vest-5  maxx-dri-vest-4 maxx-dri-vest-3 maxx-dri-vest-2 maxx-dri-vest-1maxx-dri-vest-design


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