Want Socks To Match Your Underwear?

If you’re looking for an easy way to find matching underwear and socks, you may be interested in new start-up Related Garments:

Developed by fashion masterminds and brothers, Mike and David Appel (from NBC’s Fashion Star), this fashion-forward line is the only brand to offer men packaged matching boxer briefs and dress socks.

Revolutionizing the way men get ready in the morning, Related Garments helps men to undress to impress through stylish coordination.

Related Garments Product Video

Related Garments

  • Site: http://relatedgarments.com/
  • Set Price: $24.99
  • Set Includes: Boxer Briefs & Socks
  • Underwear Fabric: 95/5 cotton/spandex
  • Socks Fabric: 75% cotton, 23% polyamide, 2% elastane
  • Colors: Beige/Navy Striped, Mint Green/Black, Neon Yellow/Grey, Orange/Navy/Beige
  • Made in: China

Related Garments Photos

related-garments-mint-green-black-matching-underwear-and-socks related-garments-matching-underwear-and-socks


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2 thoughts on “Want Socks To Match Your Underwear?”

  1. To pull a girlie phrase here “Oh my god I have GOT to get those” seriously. Dude. That stuff is solid. Am I the only one here who will stand up and admit that this is totally the way to go here?

    • heya brett, pretty neat stuff huh? though, i have lots of matching boxer brief and socks — since i wear black socks and black boxer briefs (:


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