Waist Slimming UnderGarments?

If you’re looking for some inside gear (under clothing) that’ll help slim your waist, and not satisfied with how men’s shapewear undershirts have performed in that area, you might find the following information pretty helpful:

first of all, hugely thanks for your job at the website.

please keep it up! :)

I have been looking for shaping and slimming undershirt for quite long time to help me keep motive during weight losing.

I currently have Ardyss abdo men, Funkybod’s grey undershirt and Spanx zoned performance undershirt.

yet I’m not statsfied with the result at the love handels and tummy areas.


Rules to wearing undershirts

funkybod is the only undershirt that gives me quite of motive.

but its quite dangerous due the fact that even though its grey colored its padded-seams can be easily spotted in the sun-light.

When wearing the ardyss abdo and the spanx’s and looking at myself through few angels in the mirror, all I see is my tummy is more bold now.

I have NO nipples or so issue, just love handles and tummy.

I would like to know if you have suggestion for me.

I know that theres no magic, and I do working out but as I said, currently the slimming products I have bought brought no motive.

Thanks and have a great weekend, buddy! – Avi

Waist Shaping Underwear?

heya avi,

good to hear from you buddy.

thanks for stopping by my site and sending in your question! glad to hear you’re finding the information on my website helpful (:

you know, the love handle and lower stomach/tummy area is a really tough area to address, and i’ve always had a hard time with those areas as well.

seems as though no matter how much i work out, i can’t seem to get them as flat as i really want.

thankfully, i feel i’m about average in those areas, so i don’t feel the need to wear compression/slimming shirts on a regular basis.

that said, if you’ve tried ardyss and spanx zoned performance undershirts, you probably won’t see much more improvement if you wore any other slimming undershirt.

Spanx Slim Waist Boxer Brief
Spanx Slim Waist Boxer Brief

the only other shapewear undershirt that may be worth testing out would be the double-layer compression undershirts from underworks.

they have a high performance inner compression liner with an outer shell that looks more like a standard undershirt.

outside of that, my main recommendation would be for you to try out something like the spanx slim-waist boxer brief, shape form boxer brief from 2(x)ist, or shape enhancer sculpt or seamless trunks from undergear. those underwear products have wide slimming waistbands specifically designed to compress the love handle tummy area.

if neither of the two above product recommendations work for you, then i don’t think any other products would.

note: the reason i did not reference funky bod is because it’s not a slimming undershirt, and doesn’t have any compression panels that would address slimming in the midsection area.

as you know, it’s just a padded undershirt, so instead of slimming your waist, it would give the illusion of a slimmer waist by making your chest and shoulders look bigger.

hope the above information helps out. let me know if you wind up trying any of the suggestions above, and what you think of it!

Do You Have Any Waist Slimming Undergarment Suggestions?

If so, tell us about them below (comments).

Maybe the Slimming Waistband from Sculptees could be an alternative option?


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