Visible Male Nipples Banned In Japan

Ok, the title may be a bit of an over statement, but Japan seems strangely fixated on male nipples.

More precisely, Japanese folk seem to have created a micro-industry around ways to ensure the male nipples don’t show through shirts.

Mind you, I’m not talking about the fairly embarrassing condition of puffy nipples showing through your shirt.

Nor am I speaking of trying to ensure your male nipplage does not show through light colored shirts.

Hiding Male Nipples From Sight

Strangely enough, it would appear that the mere presence of an ever so slight protrusion around the nipple area on men is a turn-off for a vast number of Japanese women.

Check out this video from a male nipple cover company that shows two different realities of a guy’s date with a woman.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

In one reality, his nipples are not able to been seen through his shirt, and in the other, they are.

In a 2013 Nikka Spa! study (presumably in Japan), out of 100 women surveyed, 84% of them thought visible male nipples of any sort was gross.

One woman even claimed that if male nipples were visible, it would be a form of sexual harassment.

Solutions For Hiding Male Nipples

As I meandered myself through this unusual rabbit hole of a topic,  I was not surprised to find companies offering solutions to the perky protrusion problem.

I’m not sure if these solutions came by way of the problem, or if the companies behind the solutions were creating the social problem, because they had products to solve it.

Either way, I figured I’d share the product solutions here for everyone to enjoy.

Men’s Nipple

No, it’s not a male nipple product.

It’s actually a large clear square nipple cover marketed to men.

Site: (link)

Seiso Shiro T (Formal White T)

The Seiso Shiro T Production Company has come up with a t-shirt, with a special weight and fabric knit style, that keeps the male nipple hidden.

I emailed the company, and they responded with the following information.

Hi Tug,

Thanks for asking.

Seiso-ShiroT is a product for who care his nipples showing through.

And this product covers the problem that showing figures of nipples.

Yes, Definitely its heavy oz for showing through, and special knit style for showing figures of nipples.

Wow, $186 USD for a t-shirt that hides your nipples seems a little out there, but the company definitely seems to have done something unique with the knitting style of the fabric they use.

Nopoints Undershirt

A young entrepreneur designed a deep v-neck beige undershirt with a special inner lining that prevents a nipple from poking through.

The product appears to be on a Japanese crowdfunding site called Makuake.

Price: $73.45 USD

Site: Makuake (link)


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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