Vintage Towncraft Undershirts Found! We Hit the Motherload!!

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been on quest to locate some of the original 1970s-80s Towncraft undershirts for over a year now, and while I’ve found some from time to time, I’ve never come across a bunch of them like I did today!

Man, did we hit the mother-load! A friend of mine who dabbles in vintage t-shirts contacted me recently to let me know he was going to be coming into possession of some vintage Towncraft undershirts.

Well, I heard from him today and got the official word he received his first batch! These vintage undershirts are so popular and wildly sought after, he’s already sold 3 of them today since I saw him earlier!


Now, for those who may recall, although I’ve heard a TON of great things about the original Towncraft undershirts, I’ve never had the pleasure of trying them for myself – that is – until today.

Well, let me tell you – these undershirts are completely amazing! I got to try a medium v-neck Towncraft 50% Fortrel Polyester / 50% Combed Cotton – it was super thin and lightweight, stretchy, it conformed to my body and are honestly one of the most comfortable undershirts I have ever had the pleasure of wearing.

It felt like I wasn’t even wearing an undershirt. I put it on and was whisked away by this undershirt’s sheer, lightweight comfort. I normally like my undershirts a little longer (the medium measured roughly 25.75″ long), but heck this undershirt was so comfortable, I almost didn’t care.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

My friend sent me over a partial inventory list, so I’ve embedded it below so everyone can see some of the items he currently has for sale. He did mention that he was going to be getting more after the new year and would be sending me an updated inventory list.

If you’d like to purchase one of these hard to find vintage undershirts, please send an email to Kelly at: vintageundershirts [at] gmail [dot] com with the item number you are interested in buying and he’ll take it from there! Tell him Tug sent you.

Better act fast because these undershirts will be sold out quickly. Happy undershirt shopping everyone!


Sweat Proof Undershirts

5 thoughts on “Vintage Towncraft Undershirts Found! We Hit the Motherload!!”

  1. hello, I have been shopping for my husband for his towncraft briefs and v-neck undershirts and just like this guy says on your comment, J. C. Penny needs to understand that when you get rid of a line of clothing that is already the best you cannot get better. Does J.C. Penny care? Do thay understand how important it is that your underwear does not ride up the buttocks? Or yet, get stuck in the genatlia? It gets pretty hot in Georgia, and underwear is important commodity. J.C.Penny do you hear us?

    • hey don, that post is pretty old (written back in 2009). those shirts aren’t available anymore.

      if you’re looking for a suitable alternative, you want to check out one of the following:
      1. bdg 50/50 from urban outfitters
      2. retro fit from
      3. 50/50 from american apparel
      4. canvas 5401 distressed

      let me know if you have any other questions. thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am more interested in the Towncraft underware. Primarly the boxer shorts. Having researched extensivily since Penny’s in thier IGNORANCE deside to discontinue TownCraft. There is absolutely no-one who is making that quality of underware any more. The other manufactures have not master crawl up in shorts; other than by making their products so tight and out od synthetics that they can crawl up. We need a quality underware manufacturer now…..


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