Vintage Towncraft Crew Neck Undershirts Available on eBay!

News just in from a reader that he found some vintage Towncraft 50/50 undershirts in an old t-shirt box, and he decided to post them on eBay for sale.

Up for bid are 2 Vintage Towncraft undershirts Size Large.

Those familiar with Towncraft know the softness and quality of shirt your getting.

I found them in the bottom of one of my T-shirt drawers and they have not been worn for prob 10 years. I think they are in good shape -no rips,holes or tears. Maybe a little sweat stain around one of the collars but very miniscule in my opinion-hardly noticeable.

Deo-Go would prob take care of it. I only ship to lower 48 and shipping will be 6 dollars.


Rules to wearing undershirts

No buy-it-now I am letting auction play out. They are not new with tags but I could not change condition for some reason.

Towncraft Undershirt Photos (Click to Enlarge)



Sweat Proof Undershirts

2 thoughts on “Vintage Towncraft Crew Neck Undershirts Available on eBay!”

  1. Hi; I’m so tired of buying t-shirts that go saggy around the collar (neck) after a few wears!!!

    Can you recommend a plain white T that holds it’s shape in the collar?!

    I’ve presently got a cupboard full of T’s I originally loved but now never wear:(


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