Velva Sheen Crew Neck Pocket T-Shirts

For those who who love vintage inspired t-shirts, you might be interested in the recently revived Velva Sheen brand t-shirts.

Velva Sheen History

  • Conceived in 1936
  • Differentiator: Offering “lettered” garments which were detailed with custom text
  • Credited with creating the first licensed printed t-shirts (Mickey Mouse with Florida on it)
  • 1994 Velva Sheen was acquired by Brazos Sportswear. Brazos filed for bankruptcy in 1999
  • Velva Sheen trademark acquired in 2009 by the Topwin Corporation
  • Topwin now manufactures Velva Sheen T-Shirts in Torrance, California

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Velva Sheen T-Shirt Details

Velva Sheen T-Shirt Photos

velva-sheen-white-crew-neck-t-shirt-packaging velva-sheen-white-crew-neck-pocket-t-shirt-front velva-sheen-white-crew-neck-t-shirt-collar-close-up

Where Can You Buy Velva Sheen T-Shirts?

There are several online retailer selling Velva Sheen T-Shirts, including:

Topwin also mentioned the following physical retailers are carrying Velva Sheen T-Shirts

  • TRADESMAN (Venice)
  • STEVEN ALAN (Venice, La Brea)
  • JACK SPADE (Venice)


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