The V-Neck is the New Crew Neck (Video)

The debate about wearing crew neck versus v-neck undershirts has been going on for quite a while.

When I started this site, by far the vast majority of guys were buying crew neck undershirts.

But as times have changed, so has style.

Once a dominant collar style, the crew neck undershirt is now taking a serious back seat to his v-neck brother.

So much in fact, that sales of v-neck collar styles have clearly surpassed those of crew necks.

We’ve discussed the topic here at great length (see below), but Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style and founder of A Tailored Suit has done a great job of summarizing the benefits of wearing v-neck undershirts and crew neck undershirts.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Oh, and he also plugged yours truly here at!!


How to wear undershirts

4 thoughts on “The V-Neck is the New Crew Neck (Video)”

  1. I’d hav thiugh the idea ti wear an undershirt was to hide chest hair next to the neck……..if you wear a v neck….Isn’t that just a paradox?…

    • hey sebastian! thanks for stopping by my site and posting your question!

      for men looking to cover up tattoos or chest hair, i do recommend wearing a crew neck undershirt over a v-neck undershirt.

      that said, an alternative to wearing a crew neck undershirt to cover up chest hair could be to “manscape” the chest hair — or in other words — trim the chest hair using a beard trimmer.

      while i don’t have thick/heavy chest hair, i do trim it down and i think it looks a lot cleaner and i can easily wear a v-neck undershirt with an open collar. though, even if i did not trim my chest hair i could still probably wear a v-neck undershirt, but in my own personal opinion, i prefer the trim/cleaner look of trimmed chest hair over not doing it.

      hope that information helps!


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