Silverback Apparel Sweat Blocking Undershirt Review

Back in early Feb, I made a undershirt discovery when I came across the line of undershirts from Silverback Apparel.

Well, I’m happy to say that not only did I hear back from the founder, but after a few email exchanges, he kindly offered to send me several samples to review.

Color me impressed when I received a whopping 6 undershirts (3 of their large Silver X-Static ones and 3 of their medium Bamboo)! I received a crew neck, v-neck, and deep v of each.

I’ll give the folks at Silverback Apparel some props for some awesome packaging. I really like the high-end soft printed pouch the undershirts come packaged in and the hang tags are very good quality and thoughtfully printed as well.

I tried on one X-Static (large) and one Bamboo (medium) and they both fit me pretty good. Keep that in mind if you decide to order.

I’ll be doing my review on the X-Static in the next couple of weeks, but I thought I’d share some of the information they sent me about their products:

Silverback Apparel Undershirt Features

Underarm and Back Sweat Barriers:

All of our shirts are constructed with a double layer of fabric on the armpits and back that provide buffered sweat protection. This feature dramatically increases the amount of protection provided by an undershirt in these problem sweat regions of the body. Silverback’s unique sweat barriers eliminate the ugly stains beneath the underarms and down the spine.

Fabric and Style Choices:

Our undershirts are constructed from both a natural fiber (Bamboo/Cotton) and a synthetic fiber (X-Static/Polyester) so that we can cater to the needs and preferences of the person wearing the shirt. We further cater to their needs and preferences by offering them a choice between three neck lines: Crew Neck, V-Neck, Deep-V.

Domestic Production:

We are dedicated to utilizing local production operations and will exclusively produce our products within the United States or Canada. The undershirts you purchase will be designed, manufactured and delivered with the kind of care and craftsmanship you expect from an elite product. Silverback Apparel Inc is committed to supporting our American and Canadian business partners.

Seams and Collars:

Our shirts are constructed using flat seams in order to provide our shirts increased comfort and durability. All of our shirts are made with a self binding collars that provide more comfort and style.

Bamboo Style Information

Fabric Composition: 65% Bamboo, 30% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Fabric Properties and Benefits:

Our bamboo undershirts are designed for a level of comfort that will surprise you the first time you put it on. Bamboo fabric was chosen because it is much softer than cotton due the smaller size and the smooth luster of the fibers. Additionally our bamboo fabric contains 5% spandex to give our shirts a comfort stretch that ensures the comfort of these shirts throughout their lifetime.

Additionally, bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties that help keep the shirt fresher for longer by fighting odor causing bacteria. The smaller fiber size also helps increase the moisture wicking properties of bamboo compared to cotton, and thus it makes bamboo fabric a better alternative than cotton. Bamboo is also much more sustainable than cotton and thus better alternative for the environment.

X-Static Style Information

Fabric Composition: 94% Polyester, 4% X-Static (99.9% Pure Silver)

Fabric Properties and Benefits:

Our X-Static undershirts were designed to provide a level of sweat protection that is currently unparalleled in the industry today. We partnered with Noble Biomaterials and introduced this line of undershirts using their X-Static: Silver Fiber fabric.

The decision to use X-Static fabric in our undershirts came easily because it provides so many advantages over competitive fabrics. The X-Static fabric used in the construction of our undershirts is among one of the top performing wicking materials currently on the market. Combined with our unique two layer sweat barriers, and the thermodynamic properties* of X-Static, this line provides superior protection against sweat.

Due to the anti-bacterial properties of the silver in X-Static, our shirts are protected against odor causing bacteria in the underarm region and throughout the shirt. We deemed X-Static a necessary addition to all our polyester product because polyester naturally traps odor causing bacteria and the enzymes it feed on.

X-Static is the only permanent, natural, and non-toxic anti-bacterial option that provides the aforementioned benefits. We did not want to use the same toxic chemicals that our competitors use to add anti-microbial properties which only last between 5-15 washes before eventually leading to a smelly garment.

*Thermodynamic – Regulates temperature: cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter. Thanks to heat conductive body heat is distributed and conducted to the outside air and thanks to heat reflective body heat is reflected back to the skin.

Neckline Options (For Both Bamboo and X-Static)

Crew Neck:

The standard crew neck undershirt is the most popular model of our Bamboo and X-Static lines and can be worn as an undershirt, by itself as a T-Shirt or as a workout top.


This is a stylish alternative to the crew neck and provides people with a fashionable addition to their wardrobe. It can be worn as an undershirt, by itself and as a better alternative than a crew neck when wearing a shirt with an open collar.


We are one of the few manufacturers to offer a Deep-V, whose purpose is to be worn either as an undershirt or as a T-Shirt. The collar of this style is designed to so that the bottom of the front dips lower than the third button of a collard shirt.

It means that your undershirt remains out of sight when you wear your collar unbuttoned wether at a casual business function or out at night. It is considered a fashion ‘faux-pas’ if an undershirt collar is visible below a collared shirt.

With our Deep-V you don’t have to change clothes to go from a business formal to a more relaxed business casual. Remove your tie and unbutton your top two buttons and you are set.

2 thoughts on “Silverback Apparel Sweat Blocking Undershirt Review”

  1. hi rob, thanks for stopping by! as far as i know, the only x-static undershirt around is the one from Silverback Apparel. However, I’m sure you’d be able to find other regular t-shirts made out of x-static if you looked around the web.

    As for bamboo undershirts, Silverback has one too, but there are also other bamboo undershirts available on sites like, barenecessities, or

    Your best bet for finding x-static or bamboo undershirts is looking for them online at the sites I suggested above. The only other place you may find bamboo undershirts locally in the Detroit, MI area, would be a higher-end department store like Macys or Nordstroms.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Hi I am looking for a location in detroit mi area where I can buy or mail order xstatic/bamboo tee shirts thanks and I like your review great job. Rob


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