Upcoming Undershirt Review: Jockey Echelon and 3D Physique undershirts on their way!

I have some pretty exciting news to share — and I have Twitter to thank for it!

Over the last few months, I’ve been playing with Twitter and decided to implement this awesome plug-in from Twitter Tools that creates “tweets” on my Twitter account every time I post a new article here.

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Well, as result, I found some friends on Twitter that keep an eye out on the undershirt and underwear market. It just so happens that one of my newer friends there are the folks from Jockey International.

I dropped them a note recently to mention that I’d love to review their undershirts sometime and shortly afterward I received an email from their Chicago-based merchandiser who offered to send me a couple of their undershirts to try out.

I’m kinda digging the square-ish cut collar look of their new 3D-PhYsique undershirt. Be sure to stay tuned for real-life pictures, product details, and the upcoming reviews.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Here’s what they are sending:

NEW! 3D-PhYsique™ Crew Neck T-shirt ($24)

The combined enhanced visual appeal and improved muscular support of 3D-Physique brings deeper meaning to the term “anatomically engineered.”

Enhanced construction naturally supports and responds to the body’s movement. Structured zoning and directional lines give a more sculpted and toned appearance. Cool and dry fabric wicks moisture from the skin to balance body temperature. Crew shaped neck and short sleeve styling.

Fabric Content: Solid-88% nylon/12% spandex. Mesh-91% nylon/9% spandex. Machine wash & dry. Imported.

Echelon™ Crew T-shirt ($27)

Get hooked on the feeling of stretch cotton Tencel®. Cool cotton is blended with Tencel® Lyocell to control moisture and feel light against your skin. The fabric is knit with Lycra spandex to stretch and move with your body for an unrestricted fit. Plus, the streamlined design fits well underneath clothing. Tag-free label enhances your comfort by reducing irritation.

Fabric Content: 61% cotton/33% Tencel® lyocell/6% Lycra® spandex. Machine wash & dry. Imported.


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4 thoughts on “Upcoming Undershirt Review: Jockey Echelon and 3D Physique undershirts on their way!”

  1. Label on Jockey not printed on. New Label appears to be a transfer and can be pealed from T-shirt. I have bought Jockey Underwear all my life but I will not buy this product again because of the new rubber like label that has been applied (it is not printed onto T-shirt; it is an applique which loosens from T-Shirt when washed)!

  2. TUG, appreciate the reply.
    I do like shorter sleeves than normal, since when I wear polo shirts, some of them are fairly short, most likely due to my height. I have thought about getting them shortened, not sure I really want to deal with the time and cost involved for an undershirt.
    Earlier this week I decide to try some Target branded (Merono?) undershirts. I got the large, and it is very long. I will try the mediums to see how they fit, length shouldn’t be an issue, and that may give me a shorter sleeve.
    I am almost thinking I need to move to a muscle shirt style for my polo shirts.

  3. hey mike, good points. Without a doubt, the authorities in the long, narrow fitted undershirt category are Tommy John and RibbedTee. Both undershirt companies cut their undershirts 1.5″-2″ longer than any other undershirts on the market and are a perfect length for guys 5’9″ (my height) and taller. They both bring something unique to the table so I’d recommend taking a closer look at them both.

    i too tried the echelon over the last couple of days. Totally agree with you about the fit and personally, I really like the fabric. To your point, I also mentioned in a post I wrote today that the shirt would likely be a little too short for taller guys. As far as the sleeve length is concerned, I actually found the sleeves to end somewhere mid bicep which is a good length from my point of view. I guess it all depends on how the shoulders fit on you. If the shoulders fit correctly, the sleeve length should be good unless you like your sleeves shorter. Here’s a link to the post.

    Just a thought – if you do like your sleeves on the shorter side, you may want to consider taking your undershirts to a seamstress and have him/her shorten the sleeves to your particular length preference.

  4. I went and tried a Echelon Crew T-shirt today. I like the fit, but the sleeve is just a little too long for me. If I could the the medium size with an extra 1-2″ length it would be almost perfect. Oh well, the search continues.


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