Uniqlo Men’s Micro Tencel Boxer Briefs Review

guest-postHey everyone, Chris H. here helping Tug out with a boxer brief review!

For those curious about Uniqlo’s Micro Tencel Boxer Briefs, here’s a quick recap of what I shared with Tug recently.

Uniqlo Micro Tencel Boxer Briefs Product Info

  • Product Page (link)
  • Price: $6.45 per, or $9.90 for two
  • Colors: 6 varieties include grey, black, and blue. Some stripes too
  • Body: 95% tencelr lyocell, 5% spandex
  • Waist: 50% nylon, 39% polyester, 11% spandex
  • Care: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle

Uniqlo Micro Tencel Boxer Briefs Photos

uniqlo-micro-tencel-boxer-briefs-light-grey uniqlo-micro-tencel-boxer-briefs

Uniqlo Micro Tencel Boxer Briefs Review


First purchased two pair in my normal size (large). The fit was spot on and way smoother to the feel than my cotton briefs.

Now my original cotton briefs were not Pima or any other special type cotton but the Uniqlo briefs fit just a bit closer which I do like and the all day comfort to me was way better than my old reliable cotton ones.

The Uniqlo Tencel Boxer Briefs are also lighter in weight and breathe better than the cottons. Man, the first two I tried out were so great, it made me purchase two more pair within a couple of weeks.


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I found that tucking in shirts was easier do to the smoother Tencel fabric and it also seemed to help keep the shirt straighter as the day went by.

The Good

  • Form fitting
  • Very smooth feel to the skin
  • Good waistband
  • Breathes very well, and better than cotton
  • The thigh length is just perfect also, at least for me
  • Boxer briefs stay put and do not bunch up after you have been moving around all day

The Not So Good

  • Would be nice if the center front part was made with a little more substantial fabric (minor issue)
  • Possibly use more elastic (spandex) in the center front area as well

Final Thoughts

I put these briefs to the test as I wore them underneath a full on suit on several occasions already in over 90 degree heat.  These will most likely replace all my cotton briefs especially in the summertime and the value just can’t be beat in my book.

All-in-all the Uniqlo Micro Tencel Boxer Briefs are some of the very best boxer briefs I have worn to date.

I just hope that Uniqlo keeps these in production.

Have You Tried The Uniqlo Tencel Boxer Briefs?

If so, tell us what you think of them in the comments section below.


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7 thoughts on “Uniqlo Men’s Micro Tencel Boxer Briefs Review”

  1. Tug pinged me so I am here. Very sorry mdh to hear you are having pilling issues. I have not noticed mine doing so as of yet. I have washed mine in cold also and low heat drying cycle probably 10 or 15 times so far without even a glitch in the fabric. They still look like new to me. They sure fit me good and the stuff likes them also. I will be watching mine more closely now to see if they start to pill. I will let Tug know if I get any action in the pilling or other issues so proper replies can be posted.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog. What a great resource.

    I also recently started wearing the Uniqlo Tencel boxer briefs, and found your review to be spot-on. However, after only a couple of wears and washes, I’ve noticed that a few of the pairs started to pill up.

    I usually machine wash them in cold water, and then line dry. So it’s a little disappointing and surprising that they’d get start to pill. Anyone else have this issue? Just something to think about if you are considering buying a pair. Still, for as great as they are, the price can’t be beat.

    • hey mdh! thanks for stopping by and posting information about your experience with the tencel boxer briefs from uniqlo!

      wow, that’s a little disappointing to hear that they’re starting to pill, even with a wash and line dry. usually drying in a tumble dryer is the killer, but it looks like the boxer briefs are a little prone to pilling.

      generally it’s good to wash/dry things like that inside out, but i’m kinda lazy as it pertains to laundry and couldn’t guarantee that i’d remember to turn my underwear and/or undershirt inside out to wash them. next best thing is to use a laundry bag, if i’m willing to overlook turning them inside out, i probably wouldn’t be disciplined enough to use a laundry bag.

      i’ve only worn mine once or twice so far, so they’ve only been laundered a couple times. i’ll try to remember to check them to see how they’re holding up and if i notice something, i’ll post back here.

      i’ll ping chris (the author of this article) now and see what his experience is with them. stay tuned (:

      • Thanks for the responses, guys. Maybe I just got a defective pair… who knows. But all in all, I’ve been satisfied with these.

      • I do think that if my memory serves me that some tencel has a tendency to pill, depending on what the fabric mix is. These are mostly all tencel except for some spandex I think. Mine may start this at any time, but even if they do, I will probably still wear them because I like them that much.

  3. Have to agree! – excellent value for money and much, much more comfortable than cotton in hot weather. Going back to cotton just won’t happen. These, and the Uniqlo airism, are well worth buying.

    • agreed! they are a great overall value, but i’m still partial to some other brands that feel more natural.

      thanks for stopping by and posting your thoughts about the airism mesh boxer briefs!


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