Uniqlo Launches Seamless V-Neck AIRism Undershirt

News just in from a reader in Malaysia who came across a new Seamless AIRism Undershirt for Men.

Hey Tug:

I was thinking of getting an airism undershirt.

Recently uniqlo has launched seamless v neck airism which claims that stays invisible under shirt and the offer is quite tempting.

However the blend is different from the usual airism, i wish i can refer to your review before decide whether to get the seamless or the usual one.

I am a college student from Malaysia (part of south east asia which summer through out the year) but still have to wear shirts to college and i sweat quite heavy and i hope to solve the problem.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Nice website by the the way, as undershirt is kind of important to a guy but rarely people talk about that but you did! ?

I hope i can get your reply soon , thanks anyway.

Sincerely, AHL

AIRism Seamless V-Neck Details

  • Price: RM59.90 ($15.39 usd)
  • Colors: White, Black, Beige, Navy
  • Sizes: XS-4XL
  • Features a seamless design – No collar trim or sleeve hem, eliminates seams in those areas
  • Fabric: 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex
  • Deeper V-Neck than the standard AIRism undershirts
  • Uniqlo suggests matching seamless with business shirts, so it stays hidden

AIRism Seamless Undershirt Thoughts

Firstly, it looks like they don’t offer it on the United States website (yet), but they do offer it for sale on the Malaysian website (link). I also saw it on their Singapore website.

There was a recent press release (link) about the release of the Men’s AIRism Seamless undershirts.

Price is around $15.39 USD, which is about $6 more than standard AIRism. Why the price difference you ask?

Well, it looks like Uniqlo is testing how well an undershirt without collar trim and a sleeve trim/hem is received by their male undershirt customers in those countries.

In essence, this is a raw cut undershirt on the collar and sleeves.

It’s not really “seamless”, because there are seams on the shoulders, sides, and there is a bottom hem.

Even if you’re not joining two pieces of fabric, the bottom still has stitching and it essentially feels and behaves similar to an actual seam that joins two different pieces of fabric.

I’m assuming the Nylon/Spandex blend is being used (vs the Poly/Spandex) is because the Nylon blend will not curl as much on a raw edge, then polyester would — though that’s only a guess.

I’ve recently seen something similar from TANI USA in their FreeForm Undershirt, but that runs a steep $75, and they’re using MicroModal AIR/Spandex versus Nylon/Spandex. Also, there’s another brand currently working on something similar.

I’d really be interested in finding out what cutting process they use when cutting these shirts. Seems like they’d need to use computerized cutting to ensure the lines were very precise.

Will it stay more hidden than an undershirt with collar trim or a sleeve hem?

Most likely, because part of an undershirt’s visibility-factor is how flat those areas lay under a shirt. Without those seams/hems — the undershirt is less likely to show through.

As far as whether or not I’d recommend the AIRism Seamless Undershirts over the regular AIRism Undershirts, I’d definitely say that it would be worth trying them out.

From my experience, I’ve personally liked most Nylon blends over Polyester blends because they tend to feel a bit more natural on the skin.

Plus, Uniqlo has a good reputation in making AIRism products with really lightweight fabrics that feel amazing on the skin. So my guess is that the AIRism Seamless undershirt is pretty badass.

I’m gonna see if I can get my hands on one and report back here later.

AIRism Seamless V-Neck Photo

uniqlo-mens-seamless-v-neck-undershirt-beige uniqlo-mens-seamless-v-neck-undershirt-bottom-hem uniqlo-mens-seamless-v-neck-undershirt-front uniqlo-mens-seamless-v-neck-undershirt-front-beige uniqlo-mens-seamless-v-neck-undershirt-zoom-of-neckline



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6 thoughts on “Uniqlo Launches Seamless V-Neck AIRism Undershirt”

  1. Hello there, I’m from Malaysia which is a tropical country and everyday is kinda hot right here.
    What is the difference between Airism Seamless and Airism Mesh?
    Which is more suitable for me?

    • heya cmy! good to hear from you (:

      airism seamless undershirts are made with no collar trim and no sleeve hems — they are essentially raw cut.

      airism mesh is just a fabric style version of the original airism undershirts. these airism undershirts have collar trim and sleeve hems.

      both are very lightweight and breathable, so i’d say it would be worth trying out both and seeing which one you liked better.

      i don’t think one will be cooler than the other, but just maybe airism seamless could wear more cool because it’s pretty thin (and slightly see-through).

      if you want an undershirt that is not see-through, then i’d recommend airism mesh.

      good luck…and…keep me posted on what you buy, and what you think of it!

  2. Hey,it’s me again

    Sorry for late reply as i get a little busy for my sem exam.

    If nothing goes wrong, i will go uniqlo in these few days to get the airism. I think i will get the seamless one as it currently having RM20 off than usual price and why not?

    BTW which colour do u recommend between white or beige? since it’s to thin to wear alone or layering.

    Peace, AHL

    • ahl, i don’t think the color really matters.

      if you’re going to be wearing light colored dress shirts, and don’t want your undershirt to show, i’d say try out the beige.

      otherwise, you’re always safe with white undershirts.

      keep me posted if you decide to buy it. if you’re willing, send me some photos too — would love to see an actual photo of the seamless (raw cut) uniqlo airism undershirt.

  3. Is this done with a laser cutting device that I think seals the edge? I’m also guessing that this is why the nylon content. It may seal better than poly. You see this cutting a lot on women’s shape wear.

    • heya pat! good to hear from you again!

      not sure if a laser cutter is cutting this, or if it’s done with a digital cutter.

      from the videos i watched, not many laser cutters can go through that many layers of fabric at the same time.

      if that’s true, it seems like it would be hard to mass-produce under garments like undershirts or underwear.

      i’ll see if i can learn some more about this and maybe write about it in a future article.


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