Uniqlo Heattech Undershirts Review. Stay Warm In Chilly Weather

The Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are behind us and the massive holiday shopping chaos is largely over. Subsequently, December arrives with snow, cold, and the reminder that it’s time to pull out something warm like Uniqlo Heattech undershirts.

The shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops won’t cut it during this time.

When you are taking the early morning walk with your pooch, you need sweat pants, warm hiking shoes, and of course something that would keep your top-half warm.

Enter the Uniqlo Heattech undershirts.

I’ve newly obtained two pairs of short sleeve and long sleeve undershirts of this brand.

Uniqlo Heattech undershirts
Uniqlo Heattech Short Sleeve Grey Undershirt. Only available in NYC retail stores.

How I Got My Uniqlo Heattech Undershirts

It’s been a bit over 2 years since I’ve done a review of Uniqlo undershirts.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

This is mostly because the Mrs. and I live on the West Coast, and Uniqlo is and only has been available on the East Coast in New York City (Manhattan).

At the time of this writing, you can’t even buy Uniqlo online in the United States, if you can believe that.

So, I’ve never had the opportunity to try them out personally. That is, not until recently.

A friend of mine travels to NYC each year and spends a couple of months there.

During his visit, I asked if he’d visit one of the Uniqlo stores and pick me up the full range of Uniqlo Heattech undershirts, along with a couple other items.

Thankfully, he returned with products in hand – making me feel like I received an early Christmas gift!

WOWZERS! I’m going on record to profess my love for Uniqlo products (at least the ones I received).

Everything I tried fit and feels great on the skin. Also, they’re offered at an incredible value.

If I recall correctly, I received all of the following Uniqlo undershirt items for around $150:

  • Heattech short sleeve ($12.90)
  • Heattech long sleeve ($19.90)
  • Uniqlo premium Supima cotton 2-pack ($12.90)
  • Uniqlo DRY color t-SHIRT ($5.90)
  • Two pairs of Uniqlo Denim Jeans – these are awesome (I think these were just under $50 each)

I’ve always been curious about how the Uniqlo Heattech undershirts help keep you warmer, and now that I have them and have a better understanding of fabrics, I get it now!

Uniqlo Heattech Undershirt Review

Now, it’s the review time…

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Uniqlo
  • Line: Heattech
  • Manufactured in China
  • RN#: Rn115307
  • Price: Short Sleeve ($12.90), Long Sleeve ($19.90)
  • Fabric Blend: 40% acrylic, 33% polyester, 21% rayon, 6% spandex

The Good

Keeps You Warm

The Uniqlo undershirt KEEPS YOU WARM!

I didn’t get it originally, but trying out both the short sleeve and the long sleeve undershirts kept me much warmer than wearing a regular undershirt.

That is to say, the shirt retained enough heat to make my back sweat a little one morning.

The warmth exclusively comes from the 40% acrylic content. From my prior research, for instance, I learned that acrylic fabric is warm and used as a wool replacement in some garments. 

Good stuff.

Feels Great

Feels great on the skin – almost silky. To clarify, from a comfort point of view, the Uniqlo Heattech undershirts beats many of my top 5 undershirts. Time to update my list!

Fits Good

Fits pretty much perfect in every way. Great body fit, sleeve length, overall length.


Amazing value.

Considering this is function-specific undershirt (warmth), and it performs as intended, the $12.90 price point is certainly well worth it.

The Not So Good

Limited Buying Options

Firstly, you can only buy it in New York City, which is a bummer.

However, I suspect that it’ll become easier to purchase these in time.

Not In Summer

It goes without saying, it’s probably too warm to wear in the spring/summer or in warmer climates.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, I’d recommend buying this Uniqlo undershirt, and wear it throughout the winter.

Have a bunch of these in your undershirt drawers particularly if you live in a cold climate year round.

I love Uniqlo! For more Uniqlo-related articles, click here.

Product Photos


How to wear undershirts

15 thoughts on “Uniqlo Heattech Undershirts Review. Stay Warm In Chilly Weather”

  1. These sound like a good base layer but can someone explain to me the point of a short sleeved version when the point is to keep you warm ?

    • heya dj!

      personally, i don’t usually get cold on my forearms and wrists very much and generally find myself way too warm in a long sleeve undershirt.

      that said, if i were in a really cold climate, where i was outdoors a lot for long periods of time, i certainly would consider wearing a long sleeve undershirt.

      thankfully, there are both short and long sleeve uniqlo heattech and merino wool undershirts (:

    • I wear them because they keep my core warmer and as I am in my mid 50s, that helps.

      I also do not have problems with my arms being cold as much as my torso so that is why I wear them, but I would wear the long sleeve versions if I was going to be out in the cold for extended periods for sure.

      I wished these had been on the market several years back when I was working outside all the time, because of the value.

      I just wore under armour then and they worked very well. UA items expensive though.

      • well, this article is from 2011 (: but uniqlo only in the recent years made it easier for us here in the states to buy them.

  2. In my opinion, the “not so good” is definitely the fact that the Uniqlo Heattech shirts are treated with biocides! These are “durable against daily washing”.

    I bought two Uniqlo Heattech shirts in the UK, a Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt and an extra warm Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt. These have been treated with Zinc Pyrithione and 3-trimethoxysilyl Propyldimethyloctadecyle, supposedly for preventing odor.

    VERY DISAPPOINTED! Especially as this fact is concealed on the homepage as “odor-minimizing fabric”. Interestingly, on the packaging itself there is a clear warning “This product contains the biocide XY”. I would have never bought this product if I had known this in the beginning.

    According to your photo, the name of the biocide doesn´t have to be stated on the packaging in the US.

  3. I have just been trying out these Uniqlo Heat Tech undershirts and they get a 5 star from me. Fit is snug but not too much. The fit is spot on for me and the tails are plenty long to tuck in. I got one in the light grey and the fabric is very smooth and does do the job for keeping my core warm, but not overly so. These will definitely be joining my arsenal as I got the short sleeved light grey V neck and neck was deep enough not to show. These can be ordered on line for sure now and the price about 12.90 per shirt at uniqlo.com.

  4. Hi, i hv bought a few of uniqlo extra warm heattech under shirts n leggings, heattach skinny jeans, heattech turtle neck pullovers, at 1st I was told to wear it together with all this stuffs plus an normal thick jacket, don’t need to go with down feather jacket to those 8-10°c countries.

    but recently I went back to uniqlo to get some more heattech products, the staff told me to wear only the undershirt n leggings with normal clothing, she said if I wear too many layers of heattach clothing, the heat can’t produce from our body n it defeat the purposes of the inner layer.

    I don’t understand, tot by wearing all heattech will make our body warmer n that will cos our body temperature to go higher? Hope u could advice me. Btw, I m going to tokyo this Dec, should i go with downfether jacket? Thank you so much

  5. Old thread, but I hope someone can answer. Uniqlo is pretty common in our part of the world (Asia), it’s strange that they sell the Heattech stuff here in tropical countries (that never gets below 25 deg Centigrade with 60-90% humidity year round). Does Uniqlo have fitting summer undershirts? I don’t usually see them but i’m hoping that asking the clerks for specific item might help.

  6. Hiya,

    I am trying to buy this rn115307 uni qlo product again, which I purchased in 3 colour 3 year . its to good n keep u warm.

    Want to know where I can buys this Lamwool RN115307

    • heya kalpesh, i’m not familiar with any uniqlo lambswool t-shirt that was ever available, but as far as i know, they currently only offer these heattech undershirts for warmth.

      they do and have offered a lambswool cardigan sweater, though i suspect you are not looking for that (:

      if you’re looking for a wool t-shirt/undershirt, take a look at the icebreaker merino wool body undershirts. you can find a list of their “innerwear” items here: http://us.icebreaker.com/Underwear/mens-underwear,en,sc.html

      good luck!

    • right on lance! thanks for stopping by.

      not sure you saw this article, but a couple months back, i covered the launch of uniqlo.com and mentioned the official opening of the san francisco store.

      so you know, those heattech undershirts are pretty toasty to wear. so, they are perfect for colder weather, but they will likely be too warm to wear in spring/summer/fall seasons — that is — unless you live somewhere cold (:


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