Who Lives In New York? Uniqlo Easy Exercise Innerwear Shapewear Promotes Calorie Consumption

By way of a reader, I recently learned of Uniqlo’s Easy Exercise Innerwear line of calorie-consuming shapewear. By the looks of it, this product has been available since around July 2010.

Easy Exercise Product Overview

This inner wear was designed by a joint research team consisting of members representing UNIQLO, Toray, and Tokyo University to really promote calorie consumption through daily activities. By wearing this garment every day, you will be exercising more and achieving positive gains.

This exercise inner wear garment has been designed to help you burn calories just by being worn.

 Product Features

  • Ultra-thin nylon fabric, sweat-wicking and quick drying
  • Transfer film affixed on the back next to the sides designed to apply slight pressure on the back muscles, resulting in gently tightening the back when garment is worn
  • Printed parts attached to the fabric around the shoulders administer tiny amounts of resistance to the skin and muscles on a constant basis. Result: Increases the amount of exercise provided to upper body

Product Line Information

  • Boxer Briefs, two kinds, dark grey & black. Price: $19.90 & $29.90
  • Undershirts, V-Neck & Crew Neck, white & black. Price: $19.90 & $29.90
  • Only available in-store

Does it work?

I’m a huge fan of Uniqlo undershirts. They make some fantastic products that feel great on the skin, and offer them at extremely affordable price.

The question is whether or not this line of performance innerwear can actually, and notably help you burn more calories just by wearing them.

I guess one could argue that if you add any additional resistance to a garment, you could potentially burn more calories wearing them than if wearing standard undergarments. But the question is whether or not you’d ever be able to tell the difference.


Rules to wearing undershirts

I could speculate, but I won’t.

But, I am interested in trying out the products to see for myself.  If you live in New York City, and happen across a Uniqlo, please stop in let me know if they are carrying them. If so, maybe I’ll arrange to pick up a set and give them a test drive.

If you’ve tried them out, please let me know what you think of them in the comments section below.



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3 thoughts on “Who Lives In New York? Uniqlo Easy Exercise Innerwear Shapewear Promotes Calorie Consumption”

  1. It’s on sale right now for $9.90 in New York. I bought one and I’m loving it so far. It’s very comfortable and i feel my shoulders pulled back and my chest opened up just like they described. I feel better posture yay.

    • nice! thanks for letting us know steven! i’m wondering if they are clearing out that item because i can’t seem to find them on the uniqlo website.

      if you get to uniqlo again, can you find out for me/us here?

  2. I picked one up last weekend & been wearing it for awhile now. It’s definitely pretty comfortable. I bought a small; it compresses my arm/shoulder area, but it hangs loose around my stomach area. I am considering getting another one, since the cost it’s not too exorbitant ($20). I bought mine @ the flagship store on the 5th ave.


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