Uniqlo Airism Mesh Undershirt Review

A few weeks back I received an email from a reader interested in the Uniqlo Airism Mesh undershirt:


Just came across your site yesterday while searching for undershirt options. I currently wear Ribbed Tees, standard classic fit — but looking to try some other brands.

Read all the praise that you gave to the Uniqlo Airism. Saw on a number of forums that lots of people agree.

I was browsing Uniqlo’s site and saw that the Airism comes in a standard and mesh variety.

Trying to Google the mesh variety didn’t give a whole lot of info (forgive me if I’ve skipped over an article on your site about the mesh variety).


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So I was hoping you might be able to fill in any information (i.e. your thoughts/opinions) on the mesh vs. the standard Airism.

Thank you.


Uniqlo Airism Mesh Undershirt
Uniqlo Airism Mesh Undershirt

Uniqlo Airism Mesh Undershirt?

Jon was referring to the Uniqlo Airsim Undershirt Review I posted not too long ago, where I professed my love (or a least respect) for this great value undershirt.

I hadn’t heard or come across the Mesh version of Airism Undershirt (link), but did refer Jon to my Moisture Wicking Undershirts article, which has been recently updated with some other synthetic undershirts I’ve come across recently.

After a couple of email exchanges, Jon informed me that he wound up purchasing one standard Airism Undershirt and one Airism Mesh Undershirt, each for $12.90.

I followed up with him to see if he had a chance to try them out. This is what he told me.

Uniqlo Airism Mesh Undershirt Review


Talk about timing! I’ve received both shirts and have finally had a chance to wear them.

We’ve had sporadic weather the last week, so I tried to wait for two consecutive days that were close in temperature, conditions, etc., to rule that out as a variable and let the shirts speak for themselves.

I had planned to email you today, but you’ve beaten me to the punch. I know you reviewed the regular Airism shirt, so I’ll simply reference it in comparison to the mesh design.

Regular vs. Mesh Airism Shirt

The mesh shirt is just as light and thin as the regular version, if not lighter and thinner, which was nice. At times throughout the day, it felt like I didn’t even have an undershirt on.

The mesh shirt seemed to fit just slightly looser than the regular one, but it was ever so slight of a difference that I’d be willing to chalk that up to the production process, and not of the shirt itself.

The mesh shirt seemed to feel a little better against my skin, but again, it was so marginal that I wouldn’t say that’s a plus or minus for either shirt.

There’s a difference in the material percentages: the mesh is 94% polyester / 6% spandex, where the regular Airism is 86% polyester / 14% spandex — I have no idea if an 8% change would make a noticeable difference in anything, however.

Unfortunately, that’s where any positive similarities ended for myself…

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the regular Airism shirt. Right off the bat, when I took it out of the package, it reminded me too much of Under Armour’s “heat gear” line of shirts, which I’m not a huge fan of.

Those shirts have never seemed to keep me cool, and the Airism was the same, as it felt like I sweated more today than yesterday, even with it being a little cooler compared to yesterday.

Why Go For The Mesh Airism shirt

Fortunately, the mesh shirt didn’t disappoint! Even with it being warmer, and being in several more stressful, sweat-inducing situations at work, the mesh design really performed well and truly kept me cool. I’m not even kidding when I say that it seemed like a noticeable difference.

As I mentioned before, I don’t know if the 8% difference in material would make that much of a difference, or the mesh design itself, but the mesh Airism had a noticeable difference in breath-ability. I simply felt cooler and more “refreshed” throughout the day when I wore the mesh Airism.

Another difference for myself was the moisture-wicking properties. I know the Airism shirts aren’t really marketed as moisture-wicking shirts the way some brands and their workout line of clothing are, but the mesh Airism ought to be.

The mesh shirt seemed to wick away sweat and dry up a lot faster than the regular Airism, and it was a noticeable difference in time.

With the mesh shirt, it honestly seemed like the shirt would dry within a few minutes. Meanwhile, the regular Airism would take 2-3 times longer.

Lastly, the mesh Airism seemed to feel a little more comfortable against my skin. It wasn’t anything huge, and that’s not to say the regular Airism’s feel bothered me.

But when I went back and forth trying the two shirts on, there was something about the mesh shirt that just feels a little better.

If there’s a knock against the mesh Airism, it’s the design of the mesh fabric. If you have longer body hair, it can come through the material. But to me, I found it more comical rather than something that would deter me.

After all, this *is* an undershirt designed to be worn under a regular shirt, right? Heh.

My Final Thoughts

I really wanted to like the regular Airism shirt, especially after all the positive reviews. But they just didn’t appeal to me.

The mesh design, however, was practically everything I could ask for in an undershirt. It may very well end up replacing my Ribbed Tee classic shirts (which I’m happy with).

I received a promotional email from Uniqlo about free shipping this weekend. So I’ll be picking up a few more to start the process of replacing my older, worn out undershirts.

Hope this helps. I do apologize for the lengthy response. Tend to get a little verbose when asked about my opinion on products I have used or tried.

Let me know if you need/want any more information.


Uniqlo Airism Mesh Undershirt Close Up Photos

Uniqlo Airism Mesh Undershirt Close Up Photo Uniqlo Airism Mesh Undershirt Close Up Photo

Final Thoughts

In looking at the close-up photos of the Airism Mesh Undershirt, I’m thinking the mesh construction is more responsible for lightness and breathability of the undershirt than the fabric blend itself.

Notwithstanding, spandex can tend to make an undershirt a bit heavier and warmer to wear in warmer months. But Uniqlo has clearly done a great job in making that a mostly non-issue.

Their regular Airism is only 115gsm. It’s one of the lightest weight undershirts I’ve ever come across and worn.

During my next visit to Uniqlo, I certainly will be picking up one of these babies. I’ll report back here of my findings.

Have You Tried the Uniqlo Airism Mesh Undershirts?

If so, tell me what you think of them in the comments section below.


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13 thoughts on “Uniqlo Airism Mesh Undershirt Review”

  1. The airism shirts are ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK. They told me they only make them seasonally and try again in late spring or early summer. WTF is wrong with this company.

  2. Hey, I’m going to buy an airism mesh tank top. I was wondering, to prevent sweat, would it better to buy a tank top or an undershirt? I’m so used to wearing a tank top rather than an undershirt and wanted to know if you had any idea if the tank tops provided the same comfort-ability and the sweat prevention as their undershirts. Thank you!

    • heya anik, thanks for stopping by and for your question.

      the airism tank tops are basically the same as their undershirts, with exception to the coverage area.

      if you’re looking for only chest and back coverage for sweat protection, you’ll be ok with a tank top.

      if you need full coverage, including underarm sweat protection, you’ll need a full undershirt (crew neck or v-neck).

      hope that helps :)

  3. I loved my Airism mesh for the first two months. But recently, they have started to make me smell horrible halfway through the day. (which I imagine is what you reference when discussing other synthetic material shirts)

    Have you seen (smelled) this happen with the Airism mesh shirts? Or am I just lucky?

    • hey another chris,

      i have not worn my airim undershirts enough to build up any odor in them, but i will waer my mesh to the gym for the next couple weeks to see if i can reproduce that odor issue.

      will keep you guys posted.

      • thanks mel! i’ve used white vinegar as well to deodorize smelly gym clothes.

        it works pretty good, but only temporarily. i have found that i have to wash with white vinegar more regularly after my gym clothes start to smell.

    • Hey Chris, I have had the same problem with the in stock issues with trying to get them. They are out again right now in my size in the gray mesh v neck. Might have to wait until this winter sets in to grab me one or two to try them out, but right now is a no go.

  4. Hey Tug,
    I would love to try these Airism Mesh undershirts, but they are always out of stock. I am going to send them an e-mail, but wanted your advice first. I want them to be invisible under a white golf shirt or dress shirt. Since they don’t make a heathered grey, what color should I request? Beige or Grey?

    • heya chad,

      good to hear from you buddy. thanks for your question and for your kind donation! super nice of you (:

      so if you’re going to wear a white golf or dress shirt, i’d recommend grey over beige.

      main reason is that while they both do a good job of staying undetectable under lighter color shirts, i personally believe grey color t-shirts/undershirts are more versatile. meaning, if you for some reason needed or wanted to wear it by itself, grey just feels more like a good t-shirt color for that purpose.

      the airism mesh beige is more of a light brown color, and it just doesn’t seem as versatile a color as the grey-tones they carry.

      keep me posted and let me know if you hear anything new about them re-stocking the airism mesh undershirts. i checked the website too and also noticed they were complete out of all of them — which is kinda crazy since airism items are targeted for summer wear – and we’re not even half way into summer.

  5. I have not tried the mesh uniqlo either, but since reading this I am inclined to try them. I have been wearing the regular airism on a very regular basis under other shirtings and they are performing very well for me. I am wearing one right now as I type this reply and slept in it all night long which I do so frequently with the airism.


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