Boxstays: Underwear Shirt Stays

For those in search of the ultimate solution to keep your shirts tucked, these new underwear shirts stays may just be the answer.

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Boxstays Underwear Shirt Stays

Earlier this month, I received the following email introducing me to Boxstays:

Hey Tug,


Rules to wearing undershirts

I’m a big fan of your reviews related to underwear, especially the shirt stays one, which somewhat actually started the project below.

I created a new type of underwear/shirt stay after being disappointed by the existing shirt stays on the market (I actually started wearing one after reading your blog posts).

My main idea was to combine an underwear with elastic bands and other improvements to enhance wearing comfort.

It is called a “Boxstay”.

And, although it was poorly crafted (I have poor sewing skills), I liked it a lot and thought it solved some issues most regular shirt stays had.

So much so, that I decided to market it.

So, with a friend, we created a website. We just finished creating a first introduction page of the Boxstays last week.

But before starting the marketing process, we would like to have some of your observations about the product.

We somewhat started wearing shirt stays with your recommendations, we would like to start this another journey with your observations again.

Please, feel free to speak your thoughts.

To be completely honest, we’re French guys from France, so if our English seems weird, that’s why 😊

– Louis, creator of Boxstay Underwear Shirt Stays

Boxstays Product Info

  • Website:
  • Beta Release: End of July 2020
  • Beta Price: $39
  • Beta Color: Anthracite
  • Beta Qty Available: 50 units
  • Beta Sizes Available: Two (2) most popular sizes
  • Estimated Production Price: $59
  • Production/Kickstarter Colors: Anthracite, Brittany, Bordeaux
  • Production/Kickstarter Sizes: S-XL
  • Features: Move with you, auto-adjusting, unparalleled comfort, comfortable while seated, easy to put on & take off, wear with shorts
Boxstays: Underwear Shirt Stays
Boxstays: How they work

Boxstays: Beta Release

James and Louis, the founders of Boxstays, need your help.

They’re looking for 50 beta testers to provide real-world feedback & suggestions.

What’s in it for the beta testers?

  • Be the first to try the product
  • 40% discount on 2 stays & 5 boxer brief underwear shirt stays
  • Your suggestions may be incorporated into the final product

Where to sign-up to be a beta tester?

You can sign up here.

Are Underwear Shirts Stays a good idea?

Louis asked for some initial feedback about their idea, so I shared with him the following information.

Heya Louis,

Good to hear from you buddy and thanks for sharing news of Boxstays with me!

I definitely like your creativity, and your unique take on the solution, though your product is kinda like the shirt-stay underwear Tuks.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Tuks did very well.

The main challenge/drawback to the design, from my point of view, is that someone will need to buy 5-10 pair of Boxstays boxer briefs to get enough coverage between doing laundry.

If you use regular shirt stays, you only need to buy one or two pair at most.

That said, I love it when people try to challenge the status quo with new interesting product ideas, so I definitely want to support you any way I can.

Would you like me to write an article about Boxstays?

If so, tell me anything else you’d like to share publicly that is not already on your website, and i’ll take it from there (:

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Response from Louis

Hi Tug !

Thank you so much for your answer as well as your intake!

It is an interesting one, this is a drawback that we didn’t even think to address.

And Tuks! Yeah! I remember that one. We actually started to craft the first prototype of a Boxstay thinking something like “a boxer brief and a shirt stay combined, what a great completely new product that nobody has ever thought!”.

Then I did some research and BAM, I learned about Tuks on your blog again!

It was a disappointment.

And then you wrote about them being out of the market, and it scared me because of their similarity to the Boxstays.

But afterwards, I thought the Boxstay had a different enough approach, and I really really enjoyed wearing it! So I carried on.

About your offer to write about an article about Boxstays, it’ll be a big help to speed up the project!

I wish I could send you one so you could test it personally, but we are still in the introduction process with the manufacturers.

But we’ll ask you again when we get the first production if you’re interested to test it :D

Otherwise, I believe everything we wanted to say for now is on the website.

Maybe emphasize the fact that the Boxstay is still at a project and not an available product yet. We plan to do a Kickstarter campaign later this year.

Again, thank you so much for your intake (which we will consider carefully) and all your help.

Please, let me know if you need any information on this!

Have a great day!

Best regards,


Would You Try Boxstays?

Do you think you’d prefer underwear shirt stays over traditional shirt stays?

If so, why?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.

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