TiScrubs: Undershirts To Wear Under Scrubs

Every once in a while I get an email from someone in the medial field wondering what type of undershirt they should wear under their scrubs.

I last addressed this topic in 2012 in my What Undershirt Should I Wear Under Scrubs article.

Just recently I came across a new undershirt offering, made by a company selling scrubs as well – TiScrubs.

The most notable feature of their short sleeve crew neck undershirt, is how very short the short sleeves are. By all accounts, the sleeves look as short as “cap sleeves” on some women’s tees.

TiScrubs Short-Sleeve Performance Undershirt

  • Product link
  • Price: $17.50
  • Sizes: M-XL
  • Colors: White
  • Features: Ergonomic seams, antimicrobial, very short sleeves




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2 thoughts on “TiScrubs: Undershirts To Wear Under Scrubs”

  1. Tug, we certainly appreciate the awesome shout out for our undershirts and we couldn’t agree more! We plan to offer our compression undershirts in black as well! And, if we have enough interest, we may make them for women, too! You heard it here first!

    • heya natalie! thanks for the note and for stopping by (:

      keep me posted on the launch of the black compression undershirt. i’ll be happy to make mention of it’s launch here on my site.


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