Undershirts, Manscaping, & More!

Got lots of man fur? Trying to stay cool? Check this out.

Hi Tug,

I have worn the white, tank style, ribbed undershirts for as long as I can remember.

My dad and two brothers also wear them so I guess it was ingrained early in life.

I feel very comfortable in them and really have no desire to change, however, I was recently advised that I should not wear them under lighter colored shirts where they would be seen through.

I can see perhaps lighter white dress shirts, however, I don’t see a problem with other types of shirts where the undershirt may be subtly seen though the shirt fabric and really don’t intend to change my undershirt apparel in these instances.

Is this a fashion faux pas?

It’s not like I wear them outside in public around town as a fashion statement.

I may very occasionally be outside in them, but that’s about it.

I am almost always warmer then most people in the room and these help keep me more comfortable compared to T shirts.



Ok To Wear Ribbed Tank Tops?

heya phil,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

oh my dear friend, that is a topic that has been discussed several times before:

take a look at those articles and you’ll get an idea of my overall opinion (:

side note: if you have not tried out super lightweight undershirts you may want to give one a try and compare it to your tank top wearing experience.

regarding the visibility factor, don’t worry about what anyone else is saying.

but, if you want to compare wearing a tank top vs a less visible undershirt under a light colored shirt, i’d recommend something lightweight using the link above and neutral toned (grey, tone).

i still love wearing ribbed tank tops too, but i wear my super lightweight undershirts more nowadays then my tanks.

hope that helps buddy.

i’m here if you have any other questions!

What About Visible Man Fur?

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Thanks for the helpful reply.

I will definitely continue to wear them as usual and perhaps check out your lighter weight undershirts.

On another note, I also wanted to ask about chest hair showing.

The big ole chest has ample coverage, again thanks to genetics, which is very obvious where my shirt is unbuttoned.

I generally don’t think about it with polo shorts, but I was just wondering if there a guide for what’s appropriate (if any) when in a dress shirt?

Again, the fur coverage starts at the head and continues unbroken to the tips of the toes.

Not really interested in manscaping, but interested in expert advice.



heya phil,

good to hear back from you, and thanks for your additional question about visible chest hair.

well my friend, i have two definitive positions to take on that subject-matter:
1. screw what everyone else thinks, and do what you feel comfortable & confident with.
2. manscape the chest — not completely, but at least trim it. i believe it looks better, and it’ll keep you cooler

keep in mind “appropriate” is highly subjective.

if you ask anyone who advises on men’s personal style, like aaron marino from alpham (link), or antonio centeno from real men real style (link), they’ll either tell you to keep chest hair covered, or to manscape it.

regardless of your positioning on manscaping, i can tell you that it will keep you cooler and a bit more comfortable if you trim your body hair from time to time.

if you manscape your “man” area, it’ll also make your junk look bigger — which is always a good thing if you ask me (;

i’d say it’s worth a try at the very least, because it’ll eventually grow back anyway.

so what’s the harm, right?

Old Dog, New Tricks


Well I guess this old dog could try a new trick.

My buds at the gym all “scape” and I seem to be the holdout, to much ribbing.

I guess I always considered the fur a “badge of manhood”.

Adjusting the chest fur to a trimmed style I guess couldn’t hurt, with a dabble into the frontal manscaping down into the “man area” to be considered.

I have heard a few, but not all of my friends complain about itching at times with regrowth, down there.

However, it seems that the trimming also helps behind the bedroom doors and the gals apparently really like trimmed look based on “unofficial” reports.

One friend has performed “man area maintenance” a few times at the gym and it doesn’t seem that difficult and he said it’s not uncomfortable.

I’m just a bit hesitant because I have substantial hair on everything down there.

I’ll experiment with the chest and possibly the torso (since it’s continuous) and see how it goes.

Thanks for the advise on undershirt and man body hair issues.


No Harm, No Foul

heya phil,

right on buddy!

by the way, here’s link to some youtube vids from my buddy aaron marino, about manscaping + manscaping the private parts:

also, as long as you “trim” your body hair, and not completely shave, you shouldn’t have any itchiness issues.

but, I would recommend a clean shave in the under-nether regions of the manhood (the berries) — cause chicks dig it — and keep the rest trim.

let me know how it all works out for you.

your “badge of manhood” will stay intact regardless — you’ll see (:

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  1. Face it. Men have body fur. Some have more than others.

    Young boys are the hairless ones.

    If your partner or spouse or companion says they like hairless, then they clearly are into young boys. Drop them before you have to start visiting them in prison.


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