An Undershirt with Shoulder Pads – A Concept or a Real Product?

Here’s a nifty exchange with a reader who is in search of an undershirt with shoulder pads.

Hey Tug!

I found a product from Korea.

I’m 6’1 but I don’t think it matters if it doesn’t fit me all the way it’s just a undershirt.

But look what it does for the shoulders, do you know any undershirts with padded shoulders like that?

Many people that follow your website would like to see that.

– Billy
t-shirt with shoulder pads

In looking at the shirt Billy pointed me to, it didn’t quite look like a typical t-shirt or undershirt.

T-Shirts / Undershirts with Padded Shoulders?

Heya Billy,

Good to hear from you buddy! Thanks for dropping by and sending me in your question and link below.

I’ve not seen an undershirt with shoulder pads only.

The shirt seems to be some hybrid shirt that looks like vest with a t-shirt underneath. Basically, a two-in-one shirt.

The closest product I’ve seen so far is the Funkybod shirt or Clothes With Muscles, but they have pads in chest, arms, and shoulders.

Maybe you can get one and remove the other pads you don’t need?

Billy and I went back and forth a bit more discussing the possible solutions:

Do you think there are tailors that will make just normal white t’s and put those type of shoulder pads in them, that’s all I’m really looking for to give myself a broader appearance,

I’ve seen many people talk about that on your site and was wondering if you heard anything from any of them.

I was gonna get the funkybod but that Korean shit seems to help better with the shoulders.

I’m still deciding and looking though.

– Billy

Yep, I think tailors or seamstresses will do pretty much anything you ask of them (within reason).

Putting shoulder pads in a t-shirt or undershirt should be a no-brainer for them, and be pretty easy as well.

You may even want to try doing it yourself. Just buy some shoulder pads and use some fabric adhesive or velcro to put them into place.

I suspect there are many different types of fabric bonding options available at fabric or stores like Michael’s.

Pop over on Amazon and search for shoulder pads, I’m sure you’ll come up with a bunch of options.

Keep me posted (:

Yeah thanks for the advice, the thing is it’s hard to find shoulder pads for men really they’re mostly all or women for some reason.

I’m trying to use shoulder pads to make my shoulders look wider, thus making my hips look narrower.

What do you think of this silicone shoulder pad product on Amazon?

I’ve looked up this product and researched it and it’s pretty popular in Korea.

Do you think I should wear it under a white t shirt then put a t shirt on?

It increases your shoulder width pretty well or do you think a tailor can put it in like an under shirt and do it, sorry I’m not really good with this stuff and I’m not very good at sewing or anything.

It’s impossible to change bone structure but I’ve learned that undershirts and shirts with shoulder pads can help tremendously, so that’s basically why i appreciate your input.

– Billy

Heya Billy,

Those pads look super cool, and the great part of them is that they are reusable!

The cool thing about the natural color is that they shouldn’t show through, but it all depends on how thick/thin your t-shirt is.

However, I don’t think a tailor could put that in an undershirt — the sticky silicone gel on it that makes it stick to your skin would likely make it pretty hard to naturally fit into an undershirt.

If I were you, I’d give it a go. If you do, please be sure to write me back and let me know what you think of them.

Magic Shoulder Push-up Pads (Amazon)

magic shoulder pads - stick directly to your skin

Magic Pads for Enhancing the Shoulders

silicone shoulder pads

Before and After Pictures

wearing self-adhesive shoulder pads -- before & after

Padded Shoulder Tees or Undershirts?

If you’ve come across a men’s top with shoulder pads, that can be worn underneath another shirt, post a comment below and let us know about it.

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