Undershirt With Pectoral? Try Funkybod

A serious question from a reader looking for some undershirt assistance after a severe car crash left him with flat chest pectoral:

Hello there,

I’ve been up all night googling under shirts and I’ve come across your site I’m looking to buy a under shirt that has a pec in it I was in a car crash 3 years ago and my one pec is so flat compared to the other I don’t leave the house much I see a lot of talk about theses shirts are they in productions?

Thank u in advance for any info

An Undershirt with a Pectoral Pad?

hey there,

Tra Telligman with a crushed sternum and ribs as a result of a car accident.
Tra Telligman with a crushed sternum and ribs as a result of a car accident. Search: Tra Telligaman Chest Injury

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question.


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so sorry to hear about your accident, but never fear, i’m here to help.

my recommendation would be to visit http://funkybod.com/ and purchase one of their muscle enhancing padded under shirts.

they have sewn-in pads in a few locations such as shoulder, tricep, bicep, and of course chest. once you get it, you can remove any of the pads you don’t want, or have a local seamstress or dry cleaner remove them for you.

you could also contact funkybod to see if there were anyway they might be willing to produce one or two of their shirts with only a single chest pad in the placement you need.

i’ve tried funkybod and i have to say, they do exactly what they claim.

the undershirt feels pretty nice, but most of all the pads do definitely provide the illusion of a beefed up under-bod.

maybe the only drawback is that the sleeves are longer (by design) so you can’t wear a short sleeve shirt with it.

if you really needed a short-sleeve version, i would think that you could remove the pads in the arms and have them sleeve lengths hemmed.

short of that, i haven’t seen any other similar product made for us guys.

the only other type of product that comes to mind are “breast forms”, but the only ones i’ve ever seen are the ones for women or for trans-gender guys and they’re designed to look like female breasts not a guys chest.

hope the above information helps. good luck to you. please keep me posted!

A kind word of thanks…

I can’t thank u enough.

I’ve spent many sleepless nights trying to find a product like that online.

My accident was 4 years ago and I rarely go out in public in summer due to how flat the one side of my chest is.

I’m going to order a few of those shirts. 

I can tell it will due the job.

Thanks for the follow up message.

I would have never known u sent that link. I really Appreciate it.

I’ll keep in touch and let u know how I make out .

Note: One of the photos used in the feature image of this article is a photo of someone with Poland’s Syndrome, and not something that was caused by an accident.


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