Undershirt Too Tight Around Your Underarms?

If you answered Yes to the question above and find that your undershirt is uncomfortable in the underarm area, you’re likely wearing the wrong undershirt.

Tug—How do you prevent underarm chaffing from t-shirt wear?

Especially the tighter form fitting t-shirts? Is this just a matter of getting the correct fit?

I am an average size guy—not fat, not fit—5-9 180.

The best t-shirt I wear that was shrink resistant and has lasted forever was the V-N R Lauren bought at a Brooks Brothers.

However, I am getting more fit and would like a tighter fit. Thanks–Rich


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My Response

hey richard,

thanks for stopping by the site and sending in your question!

i’m not exactly sure what you mean by underarm chaffing, but my guess is that you’re referring to where the seams of the armhole come into contact with the skin around the perimeter of your underarm.

if the shirt is too tight in that area, frequent arm movement will usually result in some rawness. basically, you’re wearing an undershirt that doesn’t fit you properly.

if i were to make an educated guess, i’d say you’re wearing an undershirt that is one size smaller than you normally wear because you want a tight fit.

if that is the case, then likely the shirt is too small in the armhole region, or it does not have enough stretch to allow the undershirt to be forgiving in that area.

if you take a look at the article i just posted today (5/4/12), you’ll see that the reader actually had to cut off the sleeves and open the armholes of an undershirt he purchased from kohls because he sized down for a tighter fit in his chest area.

see, all undershirt measurements are designed to be proportionate to the base product’s dimensions.

in other words, if the undershirt in size medium is designed with a certain amount of room in the armhole area, size small will be smaller in that area as well.

so while a medium might fit you ok in the underarm area, a small may not.

assuming this is all true, then you probably need to either:

    1. switch to a fitted/stretch undershirt and buy your correct size
    2. find one that is slim fitting and buy your correct size
    3. measure the armhole opening on an undershirt that fits you in that area, then find tighter fitting undershirts that have that same measurement

let me know if the above information makes sense and if it helps you narrow down the issue you are trying to address.

More Info

Chafing itself is pretty common in sporting activities like running.

In doing a bit more research on the topic, I came across a number of products that can be used to help prevent (or minimize) chafing.  

Products such as: SportShield Silicone Liquid Roll-On, BodyGlide, Squeaky Cheeks Performance Powder, SportSlick, Hydropel, Anti-Chafe Cream from Blue Steel Sports, Petroleum Jelly, Talcum powder, and calendula oil – just to name a few.

Although unrelated, there are also a bunch of other products available that help prevent chafing in other areas, like your inner thighs.

Who knew, huh.


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