An Undershirt That Keeps Pants Up

Man, I love folks that think “out of the box” like this inventor. Would you have thought to invent an undershirt that keeps pants up?

This inventor’s answer is yes.

Namely, the issue he was addressing was the fact that, even with a belt, pants never really stay up the way you want them to.

First, with your belt too tight, it’s uncomfortable around your waist.

Secondly, with it too loose, well, it won’t hold up your pants effectively.


Back in the day (and even to some extent today), wearing suspenders had been the solution – think Larry King.


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Trouble is, in this blogger’s opinion, suspenders aren’t all that desirable to wear.

In truth, with the right outfit, suspenders can be a nice and functional accessory. However, for the most part, they just don’t belong in your everyday wear wardrobe.

Consequently, enter an invention that adds a slightly protruding channel to a shirt that, with the assistance of a belt, keeps pants up and in a place where they belong.

Furthermore, the concept/design of the undershirt that keeps pants up can work not only for undershirts, but for pretty much any shirt.

For example, this includes a top or a blouse that you would tuck into your pants.

Undershirt That Keeps Pants Up

To begin with here’s more information.


Undershirt designed to keep pants ups.


To help keep pants up and undershirts/shirts tucked. No hooks, buttons, etc. The idea is also good for dress shirts, long johns, etc.

How Does the Undershirt That Keeps Pants Up Work?

A channel is added to the bottom area of a shirt. Within that channel is a soft “rod” that forms a slight outward protrusion. 

When you tuck the shirt in and secure it with a belt just above the channel, pants will stay up.

undershirt that keep pants up with belt New invention: A channel is added to the bottom area of a shirt.

Tucked in with belt: Undershirt that keeps pants up with pants on


Frank Edwards (email: [email protected], phone: 845-616-3449 )


The inventor has submitted the provisional application for the patent to the USPTO.


Inventor would like to license the idea to a company that is interested in manufacturing an undershirt that keeps pants up.

Please contact Frank if you are interested.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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