Are Your Undershirt Sleeves Longer Than Your Polo Sleeves?

Here’s a great article about undershirt sleeves being longer than the sleeves on a polo shirt.

The article is from Evan, who has a site called Pet Peeve of the Day.

Evan is rightly aggravated with the fashion faux pas of wearing undershirts whose sleeves are longer than the short sleeves of your outershirt (a polo as noted in his pet peeve article).

I don’t have a picture to illustrate the felony, but you know what I’m talking about because I’m sure you’ve seen it for yourself.

If you come across a picture I can use for this article, please email it to me right away!

Evan’s Article

Evan: Hates visible undershirt sleeves

You know what pisses me off??

Guys whose undershirt sleeves are longer than their outer-shirt sleeves.

So I figured since I picked on the ladies yesterday with their multiple purses, I should probably complain a little bit about something that some guys do.

Again, I’d like to preface this post with another statement that I am not the fashion police like I did when talking about wearing white socks with black pants and black shoes.

But when your undershirt sleeves are longer than the sleeves of the polo shirt you’re wearing, there’s a problem.

I see this clothing error presenting one of two problems:

1. Your undershirt sleeves are too long; or

2. Your short-sleeve shirt sleeves are too short

In order to look like a halfway decently-dressed human being I would suggest fixing one of the two.

There’s one individual, in particular, who works in my building who has committed this fashion blunder more than once.

My intention is not to be mean spirited (though I come across like that quite often), but there’s no way he doesn’t realize it.

And it’s not as if the undershirt is simply peeking out from under his shirt sleeves; there’s a few good inches showing.

I guess the only thing I can do is lead by example along with all the other guys who have a clue what’s going on.

As long as my undershirt sleeves are not longer than my outer-shirt sleeves I probably don’t have much room to complain about this being my Pet Peeve of the Day.

– Evan

Another Reason Why Undershirt Sleeves May Look Too Long

Now Evan talked about the likely reasons why an undershirt’s sleeves might be too long, but he forgot one.

It might not be that the sleeves are too long, but more likely that the undershirt doesn’t fit right in the shoulders.

If the shoulder seam falls over the edge of your shoulder and on to your bicep, you’ll notice that sleeves of your short-sleeved undershirt or t-shirt will hang down pretty low.

Oversized undershirt: Shoulders don't fit correctly
Example of oversized undershirt. Shoulders don’t fit correctly. Image Credit:

In fact, my very comfy oversized Cherokee t-shirt from Target does that.

The short sleeves of my Cherokee t-shirt come down to just above the bend in my arm which is completely fine for a standard t-shirt, but not so for an undershirt.

Buy A Proper Fitting Undershirt

The bottom line is that if this is happening to you, you are wearing an undershirt that does not fit you right and it’s time to find one that does.

When picking an undershirt, be sure to find one that fits properly in the shoulders where the shoulder seam sits on top of your shoulder and stops at the edge of your shoulder.

If you’re in search of undershirts with shorter sleeves, click here. Be sure to read the article and the comments.

This article is pretty timely because a reader recently wrote in and inquired about when it was ok to wear an undershirt by itself out in public, which I’m sure is a pet peeve for some. 

I’ll be posting some thoughts about that in a few days so stay tuned.

Sleeve Sprouts

If you think the idea of having a blog dedicated to the topic of undershirts is a bit out of the ordinary, what would you say about a blog who’s sole purpose was to eliminate “Sleeve Sprouts”?

What Are Sleeve Sprouts?

definition (from Urban Dictionary):

Sleeve Sprout – When your undershirt sleeve pokes out of the bottom of your polo shirt sleeve. You have some nasty sleeve sprouts growing. Better tuck those things in.

Sleeve Spouts - when your undershirt sleeves are longer than your outer shirt sleeves.
Sleeve Spouts – when your undershirt sleeves are longer than your outer shirt sleeves.

Blogger “Sleeve Sprout” has created such a destination and it’s sole, fun purpose is to Stop the Sleeve Sprout fashion faux pas. 

In looking at the photos on Sleeve Sprout’s website, it’s clear that some people must just be dressing themselves in the dark. Why would you knowingly leave the house looking like some of the folks pictured?

Thank you Sleeve for everything you’re doing over at your blog, and for finally giving this terrible fashion violation an actual name!

Other Helpful Articles

If you’re looking for ways to keep your undershirt sleeves in place, check out this article.

Make sure you are wearing an undershirt, not a t-shirt. This article explains the differences between t-shirts & undershirts.

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  1. Hey Tug,
    It’s Ree…the fat guy that was going to buy maternity T’s!!

    I told you I’d get back to you on those Walmart T’s…I went back for the XL’s…now I have XL and 2 XL…they both stay tucked in (2XL better), and the sleeves are beautifully short enough to stay in my shirt.
    Also, they are super soft and “thin” which is PERFECT for Texas Summers. My only problem isthe ring collar tends to scrunch up and doesn’t stay “true”. Just thought I’s pass that along.


    • hey ree, i’m guessing you’re referring to those “George” brand undershirts from walmart. glad to hear they’re generally working out for you and appreciate you sharing the info about the collar.


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