Undershirts With Sewn-in Care Labels. Where Can I Find Them?

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I’ve received several emails from readers who are looking for undershirts or t-shirts that are NOT tagless. They’re looking for ones with sewn-in care labels.

Sewn-in Care Labels
Sewn-in Care Labels

Here are a couple of the emails I’ve received:

— from Margy —

I am need of a cotton crew undershirt, that does not have the tagless inking on inside for label.

Need a satin care label or none as my husband is very allergic to the ink.

what can you do for me?


Sweat Proof Undershirts

— from Lawrence —

The traditionalist that I am, the so-called “tagless” undershirts are not satisfactory to me; I find undershirts with sewn-in care labels much more comfortable.

Might you be able to suggest those companies that continue to sell V-neck undershirts with sewn-in labels?

From pictures it appears that Ceceba is in this category (is that indeed true?), but perhaps there are some others as well. . . .

First, let me share with you the information I sent Margy about “tagless” labels:

Before you look for undershirts with standard care labels, let me share a bit about tagless labels.

There are a couple different ways to apply tagless labels:

  1. Screen print with ink directly on undershirt
  2. Apply heat transfer label (kinda like a sticker that is applied to the shirt with heat)

Most tagless undershirts i’ve seen use heat transfer.

Not sure which your husband is allergic to, but you may want to figure out if he is allergic to both types as you’ll have a bunch more options if he can wear undershirts with heat transfers.

Also, heat transfers can be removed with a little bit of work, so you might want to find a good undershirt that uses heat transfer labels, then remove them with a soft scrub-brush.

Sewn-In Care Labels

Now, here’s the list of undershirts/t-shirts which have sewn-in care labels that I recommended to both of them:

Not many companies still use sewn in care labels.

But off the top of my head, I believe these companies still make undershirts or light-weight t-shirts with tags:

  1. coolclothingusa.com
  2. american apparel 50/50 or summer shirt
  3. next level apparel (wholesale)
  4. alternative apparel

* You should confirm with each company the exact fabric content and whether or not they still use tags.

To find additional information about the undershirts above, be sure to do a search here on my site.

Hope the above information helps. Please let me know which product(s) you try and what you think of them!

Do you know of others?

If so, please let me know which ones in the comments section below and I’ll keep the list above updated.


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4 thoughts on “Undershirts With Sewn-in Care Labels. Where Can I Find Them?”

  1. I have been enjoying the Ceceba undershirts, but unfortunately, it appears that the company has exited the North American marketplace.

    It looks like Campbellsville Apparel Company is the only reasonably-priced alternative on the list (though with shipping being nearly $20,

    I will have to order several 3-packs and spread that high cost). Any further updates as to other manufacturers?

    • heya lawrence!

      funny, i was just exchanging an email with someone regarding this.

      he found a brand of undershirts on ebay called “players” that still have the old standard sewn-in care labels.

      i think they only come in bigger or taller sizes though.

      check them out!

  2. Now some shirts have simply moved their tag to the lower left inseam (which bothers me because its at my waist with the outer shirt also tucked in and wearing a belt).

    And I noticed some T-shirts over the weekend with heat printed tags on the inseam too…so truly tagless.

    This appears to be the future trend.

    • yeah, i’ve seen that too. i don’t like the “tag” on the lower inseam.

      truth-be-told, i’ve never had a problem with sewn-in tags as long as they were soft, like the ones made out of silky/satiny material.

      in fact, i kinda liked them because it was easier for me to determine where the back or front of the shirt was.

      now, each morning when i throw on one of my tagless t-shirts, i spend a few minutes looking for the printed or heat transfer care label so i know where the back is.

      gotta tell you, i’ve put on my t-shirt backwards a ton of times by mistake!


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