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I finally have time to write my review on Vdri undershirts.

For the newbies who haven’t visited here before, I wrote two previous posts that described the ordering process and the product packaging.

You can find those articles here.

Quality Construction

Let me start off by saying this undershirt, from a manufacturing point of view, is well made overall (go USA!). The stitching throughout the entire shirt is nearly flawless.

The trim on the sleeves and the sweep (bottom) are approximately 7/8″ wide and look very nice. The trim on the v-neck is just shy of 1/2″ wide and although it is a wee bit too narrow for my taste, it still looks perfectly fine.

The Fabric

The fabric is 100% “high tech” polyester (I’m not exactly sure what “high tech” means) and has a nice soft, slightly stretchy feel to it.

The mesh moisture wicking fabric texture reminds me of some Champion sports jerseys I’ve seen before, so it’s a little hard for me identify it as an undershirt, but I will stay open-minded none-the-less.

The Fit

Looking at it specifically as an undershirt, nothing stands out as being particularly good or bad with regard to the overall fit – it’s about average.

To be more specific, I ordered a medium since I am approximately 175lbs and border between wearing a large and a generously cut medium. The shirt fits nearly perfectly in the shoulder area, but is a little too large for me in the torso and more so in waist area.

The shoulder seams are about 1″ behind my collar bone, which is a little too far back for my taste. Typically I prefer the collar seams to be directly in line with my collar bone, or slightly in front of them.

The v-neck opening is generous and could work under nearly any type of dress or polo shirt without showing through.

For me, standing roughly 5’9″ tall, the length is about average, as it extends approximately 6.5″ beneath my waist line. For those with longer torsos, it might be a little short.

Wore It To The Gym

Now, let me tell you where this *under*shirt really shines. Clearly, this shirt is being marketed for it’s dryness characteristics.

So what better way to test it out than to wear it to the gym.

Guess what? It really does keep you dry!

I wore the vdri under a typical light colored crewneck undershirt (a big fashion faux paux, I know – but what the hell). I jumped on the bike and did a high-intensity ride for about 30 minutes and broke a really good sweat.

When I finished riding, there was absolutely no sweat coming through the vdri to my outer t-shirt. I felt cool, dry, and comfortable throughout my entire workout.

What Vdri Is Missing

Although this undershirt performed well in keeping me dry, I’m not sure that it would work quite as well in some other areas like staying tucked in, bunching, gathering, etc.

Not that they make any claims along these lines, but for me those features are more important in an undershirt than the dryness factor since I don’t sweat profusely.

Here’s one idea for this shirt that I think would be really interesting. Since this material is on the stretchy side, I’d really like to see a fitted version and could see it being a viable alternative to the compression shirts like under armour.

If the folks at vdri see this review, let me know if you’d ever consider designing something like this because I would love to try it out.

Final Thoughts

In summary, if you’re someone who sweats a lot and you’re looking for a undershirt that will keep you drier than a typical undershirt, you ought to give vdri a try.

Overall: a good undershirt

The best feature: “high tech” polyester that keeps you dry.

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