RibbedTee Classic Fit Undershirt Review

I wanted to bring in a guest reviewer to test out the new RibbedTee undershirts and then provide his feedback here. See below for his write-up.

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Guest Reviewer:

I recently purchased a two-pack of white v-neck RibbedTee Classic Fit undershirts from ribbedtee.com. The company sent 3 identical confirmation emails within the hour of my purchase, confirming the purchase and providing an order number.

I emailed their customer service to let them know about the multiple confirmation emails. They informed me that was a byproduct of the google checkout system and that they were working on a resolution. I’m sure it’s fixed by now.

RibbedTee Undershirt - Package of 2 - White - Vneck

From a manufacturing point of view, the shirt is well made overall. The stitching looks nice and there doesn’t appear to be any gathering. The shirt came in clear packaging with a cardboard insert, in which it was nicely folded.

RibbedTee is an amazing idea and it blows me away that no one has ever thought about manufacturing a ribbed undershirt before! Big props to the creativity of the founder in designing this concept. It’s nice to see someone creating an innovative shirt that can compete against other manufacturers.


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The fabric is 100% lightweight cotton and was surprisingly very breathable. I am 6’1 185 lbs and ordered a large. Since I wear a suit and tie every day, it’s important for me to wear an undershirt that fits, breathes, and allows my dress shirts to slide over the undershirt without bunching.

The shirt was a little too tight in the chest area on me and I’m usually a Large in all undershirts. (ribbedtee may be better for thinner/smaller builds)

The shirt was very form fitting and I liked the fit in the arms, especially. It tapers nicely and gives you a nice form fit. The downside for me is that the tightness in the chest forced the shirt to ride up when moving around.

This shirt is being marketed for it’s cool comfort and form fit so I wore it to the gym. This shirt’s wicking capabilities are great! It breathed just as good, if not better than any of my ribbed tank tops. Personally, I prefer softer material in my undershirts since I wear them under dress shirts in the business world.

The best feature: cool comfort and form fit. The shirt was very durable and nice to wear to the gym.


Shrank 1-1.5″ in length. It seems like this could be worn as a plain shirt as well as an undershirt. My dress shirt didn’t seem to slide well over the ribbed material and caused a slight bunching in my arms, which is a pet peeve of mine.


a good undershirt and nice price point. I think the form fit is for more slender builds as I’m a little more muscular than most men. I think the creator has a nice niche carved out in the lower cost shirt market.

In summary, if you’re someone who wears a wife beater tank top or a Hanes undershirt and you’re looking for an undershirt that will breathe nicely, keep you cool, and fit better than most….then I highly recommend purchasing the RibbedTee.

I definitely see this shirt as a better fitting, more breathable alternative to Hanes or Jockey. I would love to see RibbedTee in Target, Kohls, Nordstrom Rack, etc.


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  1. My 2 pack of white crew ribbed T’s came in the mail very quickly. I’ve worn one under my shirts ever since they came. Size small. Later when I washed them I laughed and was scared when they came out of the dryer. The shirts Looked so tiny they’d be impossible to fit but I just pulled the thing on and it stretched back to the original fit. My polo just slips right on over it with no bunching ,the tight sleeve arm band can’t ride up under the polo.

    There’s a lot to like about this undershirt. Since the shirt is so snug, the white crew neck collar stays in the same place on my collar bone all day showing just about an inch under my polo collar. The underarm fit is really snug, never had an undershirt fit like this way up in the pits. Does take a little getting used to the conforming overall body snugness. I was never a daily wearer of the wife beater style always wore standard crewneck T’s but the fit is just like a wife beater in the torso, snug, I guess I’m getting used to it because I happily put it back on this morning and I’m off to work shortly and it will be on all day under my polo just like it was yesterday.


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