Undershirt Review: Jockey Classic Streamlined Fit T-Shirt. My Initial Thoughts

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Jockey Classic Streamlined Fit undershirt and put together some initial thoughts for the super fantastic folks over at Jockey International. Here’s what I told them in the email:

hey m!

I didn’t get a chance to try out the classic streamlined t-shirts until just now and I have to say they are pretty darn comfortable! even though I’m a big fan of fitted undershirts, the jockey streamlined t-shirt could very well become one of my favorite standard cut undershirts. the medium fits me really well right out of the package, the 100% combed cotton has a really nice feel to it and stretches nicely, the length is great, the arms fit nicely around my biceps, and the narrower/trimmer cut fits my body more closely and comfortably than many other traditional cut undershirts. I’ll have to wash it to be fully certain, but this undershirt definitely leaves a nice out-of-the-package impression with me.

the only thing I’d likely change on this undershirt is the length of the sleeves. they are roughly 8.5″ long and I’d prefer something about 1″ – 1.5″ shorter. in looking at the shirt more closely, the shoulder strap length is pretty good — maybe a hair too long for my shoulder width, and this allows the sleeves to fall down my bicep some. that said, even if the shoulder length was perfect for me, the sleeves still would be a little long and may possibly peek out some short-sleeve shirts I wear. if I primarily wore long sleeve shirts, this wouldn’t be a problem at all.

all that said, I really like this new jockey streamlined fit undershirt! I will definitely be sharing this information with my readers in the coming weeks!

As I mentioned above, I did not have the chance wash the undershirt before I provided them with my feedback. Well, since I sent them that email I had the chance to wash and dry the undershirt one time and have had some time to form some additional thoughts.


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The after-washed Jockey Classic Streamlined Fit undershirt did shrink some after washing (see measurement comparison chart) but the good news is that it actually allows the undershirt to fit even closer to my body and because I’m a big fan of fitted undershirts, I like the byproduct of the shirt shrinking some. I’m not sure if it’s due to the seamless body construction of the shirt or the cotton being a little more forgiving than the cotton on other undershirts, but even though this undershirt is not a stretch undershirt, I am able to move freely and don’t feel constricted wearing it.

Since the undershirt is cut like a traditional box cut undershirt, it has larger arm hole openings as well as having a bottom width that is equal to width measurement underarm to underarm.  As a byproduct, I feel there’s a little too much excess fabric for me in the underarm area (I get some bunching in that area) and the bottom of the undershirt fits a little loose around my waist and loosens up more as the day progresses. Now, because this undershirt is more narrowly cut than other box cut undershirts, the bunching in the underarm and looseness around the waist is not nearly as prominent and as such, I still feel that this is one of the better fitting box cut undershirts I’ve tried lately.

I also noticed that the undershirt stays a bit wrinkled even after pulling it out of a warm dryer. My initial thought was that I wanted to iron it, but since it fits tight, I just slipped it on and the undershirt smoothed out after about 30 minutes. If there were a chance that I’d find myself wearing this guy by itself for any period of time in public, I’d probably want to iron it first.

One of my other favorite box cut undershirts are the Kirkland brand undershirts from Costco. I’d definitely say the Jockey Streamlined Fit undershirts are comparable to the Costco brand and might be slightly lighter, so for those of you who have tried the Kirkland undershirts but thought they were a little too think, you ought to pick up some of these as an alternative option.


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  1. You said these compare to the kirkland brand, does this shirt have a high collar as well? I’m looking for something to compare to the Jockey Short Sleeve Mock Neck t-shirt. The kirkland was a bit to thick for me but I liked the high collar.


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