Undershirt Review – Jockey 3-D Innovations High V-neck T-shirt-Undershirt

Today’s review is on the Jockey 3-D Innovations high v-neck undershirt I found about a month ago at Macy’s. Most of the undershirts I purchase come in packs of 2, 3 or more, but this guy is sold by itself (hanging in a special section of the store specifically reserved for Jockey underwear items) and retails for about $18 (however I got it at the special “tug” discounted price of $13.50).

Here’s a blurb about this shirt from Jockey’s website:

This V-neck t-shirt is bound to be your new favorite. This collection was designed from body scans of real people to fit your body like never before. The unique 8-way stretchable fabric will contour and define your upper body. The innovative, high lift sleeve design maximizes your ability to move comfortably as your shirt stays in its perfect place (it stays tucked in!). Plus, it’s tag-free!

As I looked through the men’s section of Jockey’s website, I found it interesting that they don’t name or refer to any of their shirts as “undershirts”. From time to time, they do mention that their “tees” wear well under dress shirts, but they pretty much avoid using the term “undershirt” anywhere in their marketing material. Hint: if you search their site for “undershirt”, all of their “tees” show up in the search results :)

They have a great selection of undershirts to choose from, so I’m going to make it a point to buy some of their other tees and review them for you here. Now, on to the review…

Fit – This form fitting, medium-sized v-neck fits me pretty nice everywhere, thanks in most part to its stretchy cotton/spandex blend fabric (Tug’s model pictured here – he typically wears a large). The bottom of the shirt falls about 9.5″ below my waist line, which is a hair longer than some other undershirts, especially considering this is medium. The 5.5″ shoulder strap length is about perfect for my shoulders and the shoulder seam sits directly in the center of shoulder (finally!), not behind it like so many other undershirts I’ve reviewed recently. The shirt sleeves are roughly 7.5″ inches long and, because the shoulder length is perfect for me, are short enough to keep them from peaking out of my short-sleeved shirts.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Fit Tip: Keep this in mind — even if the short sleeve length of an undershirt is average, if the shoulder length is too long for your build and hang over to your biceps somewhat, the sleeves are likely going to appear to be too long and the ends will wind up sticking out of your short sleeve outerwear.

One other nice thing is that the sleeve opening is just slightly under 7″ (laying flat), so the sleeves fit close around my biceps and they seem to stay in place. The collar width is at most about 1/4″ wide and to be honest, I think the Jockey designers missed the mark when they decided on a this collar — it really takes away from the look of the shirt, IMO.

Feel – The 3-D high v-neck is made of 90% cotton and 10% Spandex, and as with other similar-types of blends, it’s a stretchy fabric. The shirt has got a nice soft feel to it right out of the package and feels rather nice on the skin. Although this is more of a fit comment, the stretchy fabric moves with you. You never feel confined or constricted. Unfortunately, the fabric is a little on the heavy side, so it would likely be too hot to wear as an undershirt in the warmer months, or in warmer climates. Though, It would probably work as a good light and comfortable insulator under ski clothing. I wound up wearing it to the gym under one of my t-shirts and while it was comfortable, it didn’t breath as well as I hoped it would.

Function – I’d say this undershirt solves a couple of the function problems, but doesn’t address all of them. Between the stretchy form fit, short close-fitting sleeves and generous length, this undershirt seems to stay tucked in better than standard undershirts and it won’t bunch up under your clothing. However, because the fabric is a little thicker/heavier, you’ll find yourself getting a little warmer in this shirt.

Affordability – If you include tax, this shirt cost me around $14 (on sale). Although that’s not too expensive, I can’t say I’d go run out and buy a bunch of these shirts and use them as my undershirts. I would, however, likely keep a couple of these around for going to the gym or to wear under as light insulators in colder situations.

Wash Test– Coming Soon!

Overall, it’s a decent shirt that could likely come in handy for some situations. But, I can’t say I’d consider this to be a true undershirt alternative for me.


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