Undershirt Review: Equmen Core Precision Undershirt

I’m sitting here in my aisle seat aboard one of the newest airlines fully equipped with a media entertainment center offering on demand music, movies, satellite tv, music videos, games, and seat-to-seat chat.

Instead of kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying a quite comfortable flight back to Tug Central, I’ve powered up my notebook, plugged it into the conveniently located on board power supply, jumped onto the in-flight wifi network, and am settling in to write what I believe will be one of the most anticipated undershirt reviews that I’ve written to date.

That’s right, today is the day for the Equmen undershirt review!

Equmen Undershirts

If you’re reading this post, you are now among the tens of thousands of people who have visited my site over the last couple of months looking for information about what has got to be the most visible launch of a new undershirt company in the last decade, if not longer.

I’m really not sure if all the press and attention for this new line of slimming undershirts is a result of a brilliantly executed marketing plan from Equmen’s veteran Marketing team or just plain dumb luck.

But one thing’s for sure — there are a lot of people who are interested in finding out more about this cool new and yes, controversial men’s undershirt.


Rules to wearing undershirts

The Beginnings

It all started back in late November when I read an article entitled The new Spanx for men?, written by London-based Times Online journalist John Waters, who shared his experience wearing the not-yet-released “core precision undershirt” for a day.

It didn’t take long for the flood gates of the blogsphere to open up and since that day, there have been literally hundreds of articles written about this new company and their men’s shapewear products.

Surprisingly, except for press releases and the CEO interviews, many of these articles somewhat mock this new product in a sense. I guess it really doesn’t matter what they are saying, because people are definitely talking and Equmen is getting some awesome press and mind share because of it.

The product has jokingly been referred to as a man girdle, mirdle, Spanx for men, and control underwear.

The general feeling is that most guys would not likely warm up to wearing a skin tight, slimming undershirt for fear of embarrassment and that most women wouldn’t want to see their men in one.

If you ask me, I think the folks writing those articles are being completely narrow minded, short sighted, and simply just don’t get it.

equmen core precision tank top

While I might be generalizing here, it seems to be very common for people to dismiss and talk negatively about something they simply don’t understand.

And even more so if that something isn’t considered “socially acceptable” at the time.  Keep this in mind — up until the early to mid 1900’s, the undershirt as we know and love it today didn’t really even exist.

Are you honestly prepared to go on record today saying that an undershirt designed to flatten a guy’s gut and hide his love handles isn’t going to be a standard wardrobe item for men in 5 or 10 years?  No, I didn’t think so ;)

Equmen: The Next Big Thing?

For those of you who have already made fun of these undershirts – guess what – I think the joke is on you because Equmen IS the next big thing in men’s slimming, compression, and performance undergarments.

I applaud them for taking a category of undershirt that was once only marketed to a select group of men, combining that with the benefits of some of today’s leading performance gear, and taking it mainstream.

Watch out UnderArmour, Nike, Skins, and Adidas – you’re about to be schooled.

Today’s review is primarily about Equmen’s short sleeve v-neck as it’s the one I wore for an entire day not too long ago while going about my normal daily activities (also known as working).

I have, however, also had the opportunity to wear their tank top/singlet and long sleeve undershirts several times over the last month, so I’ll add in some commentary on my experience with those as well from time to time in the post.

As with all of my other reviews, I’ll use the Fit, Feel, Function, and Affordability review process.


So I’m just gonna come out and say it because it’s pretty darn obvious – these undershirts (made from 73% polyester cationi, 13% nylon, 14% spandex) are designed to fit you tight.

Truth is they’re tough to get on, and sometimes even tougher to get off.  But, if I were you, I wouldn’t get hung up on that because once you manage to get one of these puppies on, you’ll immediately experience some of the benefits of this tight fitting, yet surprisingly comfortable slimming undershirt.

For me, I felt a good amount of support in the shoulders, arms, torso, and upper abdomen area. I also noticed feeling a little bit more confident in my appearance because the compressing effects of the medium-sized undershirt helped my shirt and pants fit a little bit looser by taking off about ½” from my midsection (love handles/waist area).

From reading other articles like this, folks have reported experiencing a reduction of up to 3” in their waistline. It would be hard for me to say that these undershirts will fit everyone as comfortably as they did me, because it will definitely depend on how someone is built.

For those who are more on the overweight side, you’ll likely get more slimming effects, but at the same time, you might feel a little more constricted in one of these undershirts than someone like me who has more of an average build.

Equmen undershirts are cut extra long. The bottom reaches down to around my bottom/butt and front “lower extremities” and while I’m normally a really big fan of extra long undershirts like this, the length combined with the stretchy/snug fitting fabric created a couple of effects that I’m not completely thrilled about.

First, I wound up having to tuck the Equmen into my boxers because the compressing effects forced my baggy-fitting boxers to bunch up and gather – normally I wear my undershirts on the outside of my boxers.

If you’re a wearer of the tighty whiteys or fitted boxers, that won’t likely be a problem. Second, the bottom of the undershirt rolled up several times during the day up to my waistline.

Although it never came all the way untucked, I did find myself tucking the undershirt back in from time to time as it felt more comfortable that way.

Tank Top/Singlet Notes:

I’ve been wearing my Equmen tank top during every workout lately. I really like the extra support it provides in my upper ab area and mid section.

I cannot say this concretely, but it seems as though when I’m wearing the tank, it feels a little easier to do sit ups than when I’m not.  One other note, it’s a lot harder to get these undershirts off when they’re wet! It’s like peeling off a layer of skin — but after a good workout — it actually feels great.

Also, while this is not something I’d recommend from a hygiene perspective, I’ve worn the tank during the last 9-10 workouts without washing it (hanging dry between workouts – it drys fast), and there is absolutely no sweaty or mildewy smell to it whatsoever. It actually still smells clean!

Nonetheless, I will be washing it regularly moving forward.

Long Sleeve Notes:

I’ve worn the long sleeve version the least. It’s the hardest to get on, get off, and feels the most constricting of the three.

Overall, the fit is pretty good, however, the part that I notice the most is in the arm socket and underarm area. There, I can feel the seams rub up against my skin and up into my armpit and when I move my arms backward, I feel a slight pinching in the back by where the seams and my arms meet.

I definitely prefer the fit of the v-neck and the tank top over the long sleeve.


I covered most of the way this undershirt feels in the fit category above with one small exception.

The one thing that’s really interesting about the feel of this line of undershirts is that while you would likely expect to feel a little warmer when wearing a compression garment like this, you actually feel a little cooler instead.

I’m not sure exactly why that is, but when I wore the v-neck for the day, my whole upper chest area felt cool throughout the day. In fact, I felt cooler than when I wear some of my cotton undershirts!

Even more surprising, that also held true when I wore the the long sleeve undershirt for a couple of hours the other day.

The other notable characteristic about these undershirts is that, because of the smooth polyester/nylon/spandex fabric blend, your outer shirts will lay and slide nicely over them.


I typically like to compare how a company markets the features of their undershirts to what I observe when wearing it. Here’s some information from Equmen’s website:

Ultimate high-performance undergarment.  Engineered with Equmen’s precision-fit HELIX-MAPPING™ technology, the CORE PRECISION™ UNDERSHIRT builds-in physiotherapy taping techniques to structure, support and energise the body. With seamless stitching and targeted ventilation, they fit like a second skin, delivering the ultimate fusion of fashion and function. Wear underneath any shirt, from street to sport, work to weekend.

  • Improves Posture
  • Supports Core Muscles
  • Optimises Form
  • Controls Body Temperature
  • Visibly Streamlines

To be brutally honest, most of the stuff in the first paragraph above is really well written marketing copy that I really don’t understand — but it sure does sound cool, doesn’t it?

After a little googling, I became enlightened on what physiotherapy taping techniques was.

In simple terms, a physiotherapist is pretty much equivalent to a physical therapist in the U.S. and the “taping techniques” refers to ways in which those folks apply special taping and strapping materials to your arm, foot, knee or other parts of your body to aid both the treatment and prevention of injury.

You ever see professional athletes getting taped up? Yep, that’s it!

Ah, now I get it – the crisscross ribbing (aka helix mapping) manufactured into the undershirt’s design somewhat mirrors the type of support you would get from similarly applied sport taping.

As for other other things, I’ll have to give some props to these folks in the function category as I personally witnessed roughly 3 out of the 5 items listed above (a little of posture & support, controlled body temperature, streamlining).


I’ll have to admit, I have never seen an undershirt manufactured with this type of precision before.

It’s truly remarkable to see the level of intricacy used in the design of these garments and I would love to do a follow-up article sometime showing how their Israel-based manufacturing partner puts these things together.

When you figure in the cost of the materials, plus manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and retail distribution, I don’t think think the $100 price tag is totally out of line.

But to be fair, it’s really hard to put these undershirts in an “affordable” category.

I was reading an article not too long ago with a quote from Equmen’s CEO, that stated the following:

Similar technology is already popular in the performance activewear market, with brands like Under Armour, Nike and Skins offering compression underwear that helps improve athletic performance.

Equmen, however, is geared toward everyday use or for special events, like weddings, when men might want a little assistance looking their best, according to the company.

“Compression garments have been developed to help athletes perform at their peak. We have found that the same technologies can benefit men on an everyday basis,” said Equmen chief executive officer Gavin Jones.

From my own personal experience, I would have absolutely have no hesitation to recommend having one or two of these undershirts in your wardrobe for special events as mentioned above, but I do have a hard time getting my head wrapped around the idea of throwing down around $100 a pop to buy a bunch of these for every day use.

I just don’t think that’s very realistic at the current price point.

I will go on record saying, that I really do like wearing these undershirts while I’m working out and based on the shirt’s high-tech design, I think they’re a perfect fit for guys looking for an alternative to Under Armour, Nike, or Adidas compression tops.


All in all, I give the line of Equmen undershirts high marks in practically all areas.

The one exception is  affordability for everyday use.

So, if you’re looking for a cool looking, core supporting, posture improving, comfortable fitting, performance undershirt – go out and buy yourself a couple Core Precision Undershirts from Equmen!

Feel free to comment or send me in your questions.


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57 thoughts on “Undershirt Review: Equmen Core Precision Undershirt”

  1. Hey Tug,

    Please can you help me decide between two products i.e. Spanx for Men Zoned Performance and Equmen Core Precision Undershirt. I am looking for the most slimming effect around the Chest and Torso area (Waist Line). Which would you recommend.

    Thank you,

    Chohan Tabish

  2. Felt like I should come back to this post and comment. My undershirt tore today after 14 months of use. I used it about once to twice a week for a few hours at a time. It ripped when I was taking it off just now at the seams where the arm meets the chest. I feel that my tank top wouldn’t go through that kind of stress because it has no sleeves to pivot on when taking the shirt off.

  3. I really appreciate your thorough review on the Equmen undershirts. I read about them in Men’s Health this month and wanted to read an objective opinion. The Men’s Health article also featured the RIPT Fusion undershirts. After reading your review I bought one of the Equman undershirts and one RIPT. I am anxiously waiting for them now and will get back to you after I’ve tried both of them a few times. I was really surprised to see your original posts are almost a year old. I heard about them the first time in the Men’s Health article this month.

    • thanks movie guy for stopping by and posting your comment! yeah, the men’s shapewear underwear category pretty much exploded a little over a year ago after the folks from equmen initially launched their “core precision undershirt”. lots has happened since then. look forward to hearing your thoughts on the equmen and ript. please be sure to post your comments here on the site!

  4. I bought one of the tank tops because the shirts claimed to help with posture and to be slimming. After wearing it several times I have concluded that it was the biggest waste of $90 I have ever spent. It did not improve my posture and it was constantly riding up making the slimming effect on my stomach non existent. Are one of these new cheaper ones a better option for a slimming effect?

    • hey josh, sorry to hear about your experience with the equmen tank. the only other slimming tank that i’ve tried (but haven’t written a review on it yet) is the supportank from manshape which is priced at $38. while it does offer some slimming around your mid section, that puppy is really hard to get on and off. i just daringly put it on (without having anyone here to help me take it off) to remind myself how the tank performs and it does an ok job of slimming me down around my waist, but i feel that the tank could benefit from some slight design improvements to make it a little more current looking and much, much easier to get on and get off.

      go softwear has one for $30, but i haven’t tried that one yet. marks & spencer just came out with their bodymax line which includes a tank priced at around $20 USD and i should be able to try one of those out soon so i’ll keep you posted. lastly, i’m not sure if the spanx men’s slimming line will have a tank top, but i should be hearing about that soon and will keep everyone posted here.

      there’s a master list of all the men’s shapewear undershirts/underwear listed on my site in this post. check it out and if you decide to try out one of the other tanks, keep me posted on what you think.

  5. Back on September 30th I left a comment about a rip in one of the 2 shirts I’d bought in London 5 months earlier. I love these shirts but I was a bit concerned about quality control, especially at these prices. With the help of Tug, I was able to get some very friendly help from their customer service department and they replaced the shirt with no questions asked. ( I did send them a photo of the rip and hole). Thanks to Tug and also to Corie from Equmen for all the help! Great service and one happy customer!

  6. hello…quick question.. i am off to buy one of these shirts and was after a bit of advice on size and the difference between the high compression and the extra high… i am 6.2″ and around 205lbs and seem to be on the border on the size chart… i want the shirt for sports (squash, gym, etc) but also to wear under shirts…what size/style would you go for?

    • hey luke – just got back from an awesome & intense outdoor workout and I was wearing two layers of my equmen undershirts! first layer was the tank/singlet, second layer was the short-sleeve black v-neck core precision undershirt. both are size medium. i am 5’9″, mid 170’s and all my medium sized equmens – even the higher compression long sleeve grey one – offer good support and compression, but don’t feel too tight to wear. if you’re on the border of a size, i’d recommend picking the smaller of the two sizes.

      as for which style to pick, imo the v-neck will be the most versatile since you can wear it for working out and it can double as an undershirt that will keep your armpits covered. if you don’t have that problem and prefer tanks, the equmen singlet would be a pretty nice choice.

  7. I have been having problems myself. My singlet and v-neck have stretched out quit a bit. My v-neck has started to come apart around the arm-pit area along the seam. I was going to order more but for that kind of money I think they should have lasted a bit longer.

    • wow, josh. i’m really disappointed to hear these reports of the equmen stretching out. the good news is that i’ve forwarded all the feedback to the folks at equmen and they have asked to get in contact with people who are experiencing the problem so they can learn more. very responsive on their part.

  8. I bought two of these in London 5 months ago and have been wearing them occasionally, about once a week or so. Like a lot of guys, I was hoping for a quick fix to a few small problems. A lot has been written about getting in to them. So I won’t rehash it. It’s a bit of a game but once they’re on, they feel great and help streamline the upper body. However, both shirts have already developed rips (not along any seams) and one hole. They’re also losing they’re ‘snugness’, in other words, they’re starting to stretch out a bit, a problem not solved by washing. At these prices, I’m hoping the makers weren’t looking for a fast buck: sell a few million then get out. I really would like to buy a few more, but will hold off for now. There may be a few bugs in design and quality control that still need to be ironed out.

    • hey leicaman, thanks for stopping by the site and posting your comment. WOW, totally surprised to hear that about the equmen undershirts, but appreciate you sharing that info so we can keep an eye out to see if we experience the same thing. personally, i haven’t experienced it yet, but i mostly wear my equmens when i work out and i just haven’t made the time to do that very often over the last couple of months.

      i’ll share this comment with the folks over at equmen and see what they say. hmm, maybe they’ll think of it as a defect and offer a free replacement ;) stay tuned.

  9. Do you know if there is any difference in feel between different colors. The equmen website lists Heather grey with extra compression. I am just wondering if grey is better then while/black.

    • hey maverick, thanks for stopping by! i have the white equmen tank, black short sleeve, and their long sleeve heather grey – all in medium. they all provide good compression, but the heather grey undershirt does seem to be a hair tighter than the other ones. not sure if that’s because it’s a long sleeve too, but it appears to be more snug than the others. of course, that does not prevent me from wearing two layers of equmen undershirts (tank & long sleeve) along with my new equmen precision underwear when i work out – the combination is awesome for an intense workout. i’ll be sharing a few more of my thoughts about the underwear in a little bit.

  10. HI there I was just wondering if you could help i am looking at the tanks from equmen and on the size chart i am border of small/medium and i was wounderfing if there will be much diffrence in lenght as i do not want them to be too short as i am about 6ft???

    • hi adam, thanks for stopping by the site and posting your question. i don’t know the specifics when it comes to the length of the small, but i will tell you the medium equmen is very long. on my 5’9″ frame, average torso length, the bottom of the medium equmen come to my upper thigh. most manufacturers only have about an 1″ difference in measurements between sizes, so i’d be surprised if the the small is more than an 1″ shorter. at 6′ tall, i think you could go with a small or medium and both would still be plenty long enough to stay tucked. good luck.

  11. I received my Equmen v-neck yesterday and wore it all day. My first impression was wow! this is tightI but after a while it became very comfortable. The slimming effects are great and no more man boobs! I am in my car most of the day for work and it worked great. Kept me more in an upright position instead of slouching a bit. Which in turn gave me less back pain by the end of the day. After getting home from an 11 hour day in the car my wife and I went for a hour walk. The Equmen v-neck once again kept me in an upright position. After our walk I hardly had any back pain! Just awesome! The shirt is comfy and I didn’t get to hot its just so damn expensive! The only complaint that I have is I could not get the shirt off by myself. I was a dual effort. If you have back pain or slightly bad posture I would highly recommend.

  12. Great! I also heard back from the company directly. They said to go with a medium in the singlet and a large for the short sleeve. I guess the arms can be tight on the short sleeve. I have to say I just bought a Under Armour compression sleeveless and it works great. Great wicking capabilities and very comfortable. It also stays in place. I have used mine for work, sports and motorcycle riding. Just great! For $25 its worth a shot if you want to try the compression thing. I went ahead and ordered a short sleeve Equmen to see the difference. I will keep you updated.

    • Hey Josh, I too am smack dab in between a medium and a large (175lb / 5′ 9″). All of my Equmen undershirts are size medium and they fit pretty good. In fact, I recently started doubling up on them when I’m working out! I wear the tank as the base layer, the long sleeve as my second layer, then a t-shirt on top. Even doubling up, both mediums fit me well. (granted mrs. tug thinks i look silly)

  13. Thanks for your advice Undershirtguy. I ended up geting the medium and it fits perfect. I particularly like the length and it doesn’t feel too contricting, in fact I think I could probably squeeze into a a small. The only way I could find to describe what it feels like to wear Equmen is that its like someone giving you a hug – all day long. Here in the UK, all the products are available off the shelf in Selfridges.

  14. Well, Tug, my friend, I finally got around to trying out the Equmen, Sculptees, and Underworks products. I tried the Equmen tank, the Sculptees tank, and the Underworks tank. I also tried out the Underworks support shorts.

    Talk about a wide difference in quality, fit, and support!


  15. Hi Scott, based on the information above, I’d recommend going with a size large vs. a medium. Although, if you’re looking for the slimming effects in certain areas of your waist or stomach, you probably want to go for a medium since you seem to be more on the slender size with a waist of 33.

  16. Before I order, help on the sizes would be appreciated. I’m 6’2″ and 182 lb 33″waist. The suggested size is medium but I’ve read that the large would be better, I dont want to buy one that is too constricting that I feel so uncomfortable. Grateful for any advice.

  17. i wore it under several suits over a wedding weekend, the shirt fit well and i didn’t notice it, even on the dance floor. when you’re moving that much the shirt’s ends will bunch up near your hips but again it’s not bothersome and you tend to notice it only when you’re taking it off or if you use the restroom.

    i plan on buying 2 more shirts bringing my collection to three so that i can wear them regularly. you can wear these shirts twice in a row, maybe three times before you have to wash it. it does a good job of wicking moisture but eventually as with any frequently worn garment, it will smell!

  18. Hey Pacific, thanks for stopping by and asking the question – because it’s a great one!

    When I first got my Equmen undershirts, Mrs. Tug took a look at them and absolutely loved the way they were designed and looked, so she tried my tank/singlet on. Let me tell you, not only did it fit really good on her, but she also looked completely SMOKIN’ HOT in it!! The shirt did subtly flatten out her very full 34 C’s, but just enough to maintain the fact that she’s all woman. In fact, the shirt actually enhanced her already beautifully shaped hour-glass figure :)

    Equmen undershirts have a very sporty look to them, so they may not go with everything a woman might wear, but I’d say give em’ a try and see for yourself. As a point of reference, Mrs. Tug is about 5’2″ and a petite size 3. My Equmen’s are size medium.

  19. hmm, nothing hotter than guys in tight fitting t-shirts. I made it to this site looking for compression-type shirts for women, which i happen to be, and find the info very well written (and informative, love doing that house work in men’s v-necks!!). Dare i ask, can this t-shirt be worn by, well, not so flat chested people? Doing a “study” of my own, to see if wearing a compression type shirt will deter this tendency that some have of talking to chests vs. faces (doubt they know my eyes are green). Is this the shirt, or no?? Suggestions?? And no, i don’t want one of those grandma-looking women’s compression bras, looking for a t-shirt or tank to wear under fashionable items…or alone.

  20. I got mine earlier this week. I’m saving it for a wedding over the weekend. I tried it on and tried my dress shirts and suits and am impressed with how much better I look. I’m definitely overweight (210lbs for a 5 foot 10 person) so the shirt has dramatic results. After this weekend and seeing how the shirts performs I may order more.

    Additionally seeing myself in my reduced state has inspired me to go the gym more frequently than I had been. I’ll let you know how this shirt performs while dancing in a suit!

  21. Here’s an article/review from a Independent.ie journalist, Declan, who also got the opportunity to try out Equmen’s v-neck undershirt.

    Man girdle: Spanx for the memories

  22. With much apprehension, I order a Equmen V neck on March 11. I received it on March 19. I was shipped from Washington state. so there must be a distributor there. I’ve worn the shirt once. Hard to get on and off as I just wrecked my shoulder recently.

    I have a favorable first impression. I think the A-shirt would be better if you plan to work out or get sweaty and you can pull it down over your hips. I thought it was really long but it didn’t roll. I did tuck it into my shorts so hat may have helped. I’d like to wear it a couple of more time before I pass sentence. I will say the price is a real stopper for me.

  23. @Mike

    I ordered my Equmen white singlet on 10 Mar. I knew I had a big event coming up this weekend, so I forwarded my invoice on 15 Mar to [email protected] to see if it would make it in time – 2 days later, I was provided with a UPS tracking number by one of their representatives, and am able to see it departed a facility in Washington and should be here tomorrow (20 Mar). Just in time for that event this weekend!

    Personally I’m used to quicker shipping times (for instance, I just ordered an item from Newegg the night before last, and received it today with the free, standard shipping option), but am willing to give them a chance as I’m very interested in their product and they’re still a new company. Although it sounds like I’m one of the lucky ones based on others input here.

  24. To Chris- I am 6′ 220 lbs, so I am fairly large. There is a trick to putting these shirts on and taking them off. I work out and also play squash for about 4 hours every day so my Equmen tank top is very wet. It will come off quite easily if you do it right. I wear these shirts every day, all day and love them.

  25. My first Equmen order took 4 weeks. I am presently living in Mexico. I have placed a second order and expect it in about 3 weeks. The orders are coming from Australia.

    I have a singlet and a v neck. The tank top or singlet is by far the nicest to wear. I wear it to work out and play squash in everyday. I also have the sculptees tank top but the Equmen is the best. I donot like te v neck because it seems to restrictive on my arms and neck. The tank is what i wear all day, everyday and love it. I am 220 lbs, 6′ , workout daily and am 60 years old.

  26. @Mike – Thanks! Glad you like the review. I’ve sent emails to some of the folks who have ordered from Equmen to see if they can provide some insight like @chris smith just did.

  27. Mike

    I ordered my Equmen on 3/10 after Tug’s review. I ordered a black one. Maybe different colors have different delivery times if they are still on backorder.

    I am sending mine back and staying with my Nordstroms for now. Mine took 5 or 6 days to arrive to Utah.

  28. It’s been a couple of weeks since I ordered by Equmen V Neck and I have yet to get it. How long did your’s take to arrive?
    I sent an email last week to Equmen and they said it would be a couple more days…that was a week ago.
    BTW, your review on Equmen was great info

  29. Thanks for your comment Chris!
    I understand what you’re saying. I think the current incarnation of men’s shapewear will likely be worn on a more occasional basis for special events vs. replacing the undershirts we wear every day. I did experience the same “roll up” effect you experienced, but it wasn’t as bad as when an undershirt comes untucked. Personally, I wear my Equmen singlet during every single work out now and I love it.
    I do believe, however, that this category of shapewear/slimming undershirts will evolve over time. In fact, Spanx is supposed to be coming out with male slimming undershirt, but they haven’t yet returned my inquiries over the last couple of months.
    Also, I recently heard of another undershirt company that is toying with the idea of coming out with a slimming undershirt. From the sounds of it, they may be bringing something unique to the table that may make their product pretty interesting to look at.

  30. I am 6’1 and 225 lbs. I have also been reading the comments regarding Equmen shirts and was very eager to see your review. I ordered an Equmen vneck and a Pex from Sculptees.

    With both Equmen and Sculptees, I don’t understand how any man would go through the daily workout of putting these things on. Once they were on, my body temperature was fine, but both kept rolling up under my dress shirt! And taking them off I had to have my wife pull both of them off as I was a little sweaty.

    I have decided mens shapewear is not for me. I cant see how most men would deal with this inconvenience. For me, I prefer the fit, feel, and ease of putting on a lightweight cotton undershirt. I plan to stick with my nordstroms extra long shirts for now.

    Thanks for your review…I really enjoy them.

  31. @Skip – Thanks for compliment! Be sure to write back in with your comments after you receive the Underworks and Equmen.

    @Fred P – Thanks for the feedback Fred. Really happy to hear you like the Equmen undershirt (and I’m sure the folks at Equmen appreciate your business!)

  32. I have received my Equmen shirts. I also own the Sculptee shirts. I am wearing the singlet from Eqqumen and I must confess, it is far superior to the Sculptee Pex or Slim. This shirt is very comfortable after the first few minutes of wear. It does support you as it states and helps to improve your posture. I am 6′ and 220 lbs so I am not a little guy. I love this shirt and am ordering two more as you read this. They are worth the money to me.

  33. Tug, as a frequent blogger on your site (makes sense=I am in the clothing industry), I was glad to read your review on the Equmen undershirt. The product sounds great. I just ordered a couple items from Underworks and now I plan to order a comparable tee from Equmen.

    Thanks again for the great job!


  34. Thank you thank you Tug! Really, I had only recently found your website when doing research on Equmen, and found your reviews of other products to be the most thorough. So now that I finally have what I feel is a reputable review, I can go ahead and order one of these!

    And you’re welcome for the $5 you must have earned off of me in ad revenue with the constant visits to your site ;)

    Look forward to more reviews!


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